Richard Nordvoll
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I grew up in a church where my dad was the pastor. Belief in God has been in my life as long as I can remember. Attending camps with a ywam base as a teenager we were invited to give our life to Jesus. Jesus captured my heart and I have since then been committed to walk in obedience and love towards God.

During High school there was a desire that grew in my heart to share Jesus and make disciples. I felt a call toward ministry, but I did not think that it was necessarily being a pastor. When I went to do DTS I got a heart and a call to missions. It has been almost a 10 year journey where I believe God has led me to be a part of training and sending people for short term missions and to be a part of missions in different capacities.

I am a good communicator and I like to teach and preach. To cast vision and help people onto God`s agenda is something I see as very valuable for the kingdom.
I am able to see and help people see their potential. I am also a networker that is good at connecting people with the same heart and to build relationships that can help further the kingdom.

My weakness is that I am not the best with admin, this is something I have been working on and improving. I can also procrastinate mundane tasks so another weakness is to be a better judge of how to use my time. I can also be a little unaware of how people are doing if I am not intentional in looking for it.

My strengths are to be adaptive, I can keep my head cool and think clearly in the midst of changing circumstances. I am also good at communicating and relationships. I can easily win others over to perspectives I am promoting and if I have a vision.
I am also good at being present and have a good stamina for being with and investing in people.

Since 2021 have I been leading and running the Fire and Fragrance DTS that is a 6 month starting late september.