Rod & Marion Hall
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Rod and Marion Hall have a deep desire to raise up sons and daughters who know their identity in Christ and will impact nations with the glory of the Lord.
They graduated from Genesis Discipleship Training Center in 1983. After years of part time ministry, they served as full time youth pastors in Oregon, with an emphasis on prayer and discipleship. Rod continued his schooling in Pensacola, Florida, at the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry.
Later, they both taught at TheCall School of Ministry in New York City before joining Lou Engle’s team in South Carolina, 2005. For years, they traveled ahead of TheCall stadium gatherings as a type of ‘Father Nash’ for Lou Engle. In 2012, they pioneered the Ekballo House of Prayer with Lou’s team in Pasadena, California. They’ve served as a part of TheCall executive team and as the directors of SAFA Pasadena. Currently, they are pioneering a house of prayer centered mission’s base in South Point, Hawaii. For more information go to