Ross Johnston
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In early 2020 the entire world including myself was shocked and taken back by the pandemic. I remember seeing political unrest, protests, darkness increasing and thinking to myself… If I’m not stirred now when will I ever be? I immediately knew God was raising me for such a time as this.The first thing I said was “God, I don’t want to lead anything unless you give me my people. Give me family”. Fast forward a few months and he gave me those people. Those who desired the presence of Jesus above all else just like myself. We saw our state, California, and decided it was time to take action believing wherever California goes the world goes…We showed up at beaches across California, set up worship, preached the gospel and baptized in the ocean. What happened next shocked us in the best way possible. What started as a few people has turned into thousands. We saw hundreds get saved, delivered, baptized and encounter Jesus for the first time! We knew that a move of God had begun! After that, many started asking us who we were and truth is we were from all different parts of America coming together. We decided to name it “California Will Be Saved.”

So now as I co-lead California Will be Saved I decided to take a massive step of FAITH. I felt the Lord tell me to resign from my job (one of the top online consulting companies in America) and give my full attention to the assignment on my life in seeing California saved! I believe with my full heart this WILL happen. I’ve given up my life for the sake of souls coming to Jesus and for my life to leave a legacy of being known for the pursuit of Jesus and nothing else. I truly believe that wherever California goes, the world goes. Jesus is our only hope. Lastly, as all of this has happened in the span of 6 months, I want to share that God has been opening doors for me to share the vision for California across numerous churches as well as I have been invited to speak at venues of high significance. I say all this not to boast but to simply share that this is what I was created for. To know Him and share him with those around me.  Below are some powerful moments! Altar calls across California, Leading Jesus marches, Speaking at Billy Graham’s first ever tent site in the 1940’s, praying on stage at Let Us Worship, sharing the gospel in downtown Miami and many more! Read the last section below if you feel any stirring in your heart. If you believe in California being one of the most important pieces for our nation and nations of the world or if you know me personally and how much this assignment means to my life then the part below is for you.

Finally, as I come to a close, I’m looking for those who understand the depth and significance of what God is doing through my life. If you feel any stirring in you I just ask one simple question, would you sow into me financially to help support the calling on my life? I’m believing to be fully funded as I step into this season of life. With that, I’m looking for 30 monthly donors to sow into what God is doing in me but more importantly what is He is doing in America! I’ll end with this, I know when it comes to finances it may not be the easiest to trust, I want YOU to know this will be going directly to me and ultimately what I receive is not mine but the Lord’s. Your contribution will help no matter how “big” or how “small” it is. Prayerfully consider and if you have questions feel free to reach out! PS: Click the “donate” button on this page.