Rubin Khlopkov
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My name is Rubin, and I’m just someone who used to be lost and broken, but I was found by God.
When I encountered the love of Jesus, I was changed forever, and my heart cry was to be able to share this love with other people.
So now that the Lord has called me to missions, I have laid everything down, and desire to serve Him and people out of love.

Rubin Khlopkov

What do I do?

After my encounter with God where my life got radically changed, I started seeking God with everything in me, and alongside that, what God is calling me to. It was not long before I knew, my calling was a missionary evangelist. However, in these beginning stages, I had no clue on how and when I was going to step into this. All I knew to do was join the outreach team in my church, and start sharing the gospel with people through evangelism. After seeing a number of people come to Christ through this, the fire in me for evangelism only increased, but I still did not know how to go to the nations.

Not long after, a door was opened for my church to send some youth to the mission field and help at a World Harvest crusade. I was one of few who were sent, but only for a short period of time. After this event, I knew that my heart burned to see nations come to Jesus, so the Lord opened another door. I took the opportunity to go to Guinea-Bissau in Africa, and this time I stayed much longer. I was able to support and lead certain tasks to put on a 4-day conference, for the local youth to get equipped to evangelize. During my almost 2 month stay there, I also had the opportunity to preach in several churches, preach the gospel in outreaches, and be a light to the people there. But seeing the local youth step into evangelism after this conference is what brought me the most joy, because I saw that labor coming to fruition.

Now, I am completely submitting to God’s call on my life, and have vision to continue working in several countries such as Guinea-Bissau, Brazil, and Uganda, to proclaim the gospel and further the kingdom of God. I will be working on directing and putting on events such as this conference, crusades, and outreaches, so that thousands of people can hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. I appreciate all support, and vow to use all your finances for this purpose, for the glory of God.