Ryan & Milli Opaczewski
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In 2018 as newlyweds, Milli and I felt the call from God to live out our lives in full time ministry. We began intentionally going out daily to share the gospel with strangers. On our first “official” outreach,  God showed up so powerfully and it solidified even more that we had heard correctly. We are not experts by any means and still have much to learn, but we will continue to say a confident YES to God’s call on our lives to reach the lost.

Our initial leading was to get an RV as a launching pad to share the gospel around the United States. Although this season has not happened yet, we have driven our car well over 60,000 miles around the country sharing the gospel and seeing the Holy Spirit touch lives! When we are not traveling we focus outreaches in town, reaching people in shopping plazas, gas stations, neighborhoods, wherever! Many thousands have been impacted by the gospel, and as we all know there are millions yet to be reached! Our heart is that we’d not only be able to continue to do this full time, but to raise up disciples to do the same and in even greater measure!

Having no debt we are able to live off of a fairly small amount of income for our family of 3.  God has been showing up all of these years for our family, many times supernaturally as we live this out. We are just doing our part by inviting you along the journey. Currently we are in need of an additional $1,400 monthly. In doing this we can continue to use the first fruits of our time, talent and energy to help bring people into the kingdom of God and to help disciple those who are saved. Thank you for considering joining us on this journey and please email / call us if you have questions or want to hear more. Blessings!   (619-403-3638 )