Sammy&Kylie Horner
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The Horner’s are globetrotting troubadours  ‘The Sweet Sorrows‘ who entertain and inspire through music and story. They also utilise their own life-skills to help equip and minister to those in need, particularly where situations, culture and poverty have lead to disempowered and disenfranchised people groups. Together they travel as encouragers and  love-sowers.

About Us

Sammy is an Irishman who wears many hats. He is a musician, a producer, an ordained pastor, electrician, teacher and author. He is also a father and a grandfather.  A gifted singer-songwriter, he has played guitar and bass since his teens, is the front man of Celtic rock combo ‘The Electrics’ and is credited with being the first to marry Celtic music and worship music.

Kylie is Australian, and has lived around the globe ( UK, Saudi Arabia, USA and Canada) and is now settled in Co. Wexford, Ireland. She worked as a nurse for 30 years before marrying Sammy and becoming one half of The Sweet Sorrows.  Always a vocalist, she sang in bands and worship teams until life with Sammy led to picking up various musical instruments.

What Informs Us
“They say travel broadens the mind, but you must have the mind.”   — Gilbert K. Chesterton.

Our life and work involve travel, lots of travel. We have been over a large part of this beautiful planet and met thousands of it’s beautiful inhabitants.   For many years now we have taken seriously the ‘Celtic Way’.  A life of faith, love, hospitality, encouragement, sharing, giving, resting, rhythm, art, education, community and peace.  We are aware that life with all it’s flaws embraces all of these traits therefore common ground and inclusion, (rather than conflict and separation) seem like the best places to begin relationships with one another.  So, a Celtic faith and a view point that encompasses the rhythms of all of life and a desire to relate to all out of this.

How We Serve

When you get to a certain age, you tend to have life skills from the journey.  We like to call it ‘Trade-Off’.  Sammy certified as an electrician out of school before going on to seminary and ultimately a Masters in Education. Kylie worked 30 years as a Registered Nurse. Together we have sought to plug in with others that were doing for those less fortunate. This has led us to pass skills on to those needing a way to keep hungry mouths fed and to educate others who can facilitate help in much better ways than we can since they are on the ground all the time where they are needed, notably the Thai/Myanmar border in Mae Sot, Thailand.


Electrical Tradeschool

Lack of electrical safety standards are rampant in SE Asia, thus our mandate is to ensure the highest possible training standards are adhered to, incorporating safe practice and compliance. Level 1 teaches all elements required to wire a small domestic dwelling. On successful completion, all participants are provided with a fully equipped tool belt and certificate of graduation.

First Response Medical Training

Everything from hand hygiene, wound care and manual blood pressure monitoring to adult/ pediatric BLS/CPR and associated cardiovascular system education. Local needs are assessed and local teams have input on the various opportunities for education. Essentially, how this relates practically, in a setting where there is no doctor, often the case in rural settings.

Aid To Ukraine

Relational and practical support are what we lead with when it comes to helping the vulnerable and victims. No less so in the present conflict in Ukraine. Sammy’s initial trip in May ’22 saw him bringing joy, medical supplies and meeting the needs brought to his attention as he sang with militia groups, spoke with families and was immersed in the realities that are the ugliness of war. Fund-raising continues as winter approaches with another trip planned as the needs there are ongoing and increasing.