Kate Saurman
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Kate Saurman serves under Shores of Grace – a ministry focused on rescuing those in prostitution, abuse and homelessness in Brazil where there are an estimated 700,000 children trapped in sex slavery. Kate attended Global School of Ministry in 2009 before heading to Brazil for her first term. Stateside she has worked in social services between times overseas since 2007 and has a strong desire to see the church equipped to take up those suffering. Her passion is for work on the streets and in the fevelas, loving the broken where they are, showing them dignity, and laying a bridge for them to walk into safety. Kate’s role with Shores includes most every aspect of the ministry from outreach to aftercare.

She also photographs to raise awareness of the situation in Brazil and teaches art to the children in Shores safe house (a rescue home for girls under the age of eighteen). As an artist, advocacy through image and healing through the creative process have become a staple to her vision. Kate’s heart is to see a generation arise whose gifts are nurtured, where the broken can dream again – for more than survival and with a flourishing hope that comes from knowing the depth of God’s love for them.