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“God has given me a heart for women. So when I see hurting women, I hurt. When I see them cry, I cry. When I see them happy, I’m happy also.”

My name is Solida Seng, the Founder/Executive Director of Precious Women Organization based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. I work to empower Cambodian women who are working in the entertainment industry and at risk of exploitation to live in Freedom, with Hope and Dignity

  • We believe all women are created uniquely by God
  • We believe all women have equal rights
  • We believe all women deserve to be protected and supported
  • We believe all women are precious

I founded the organization in 2010 when I felt God touching my heart to work with exploited women. Our work is processing into three different programs:

Outreach Program

Our outreach team visited beer gardens and karaoke bars to meet female entertainment workers at night. The team also hosted a free lifeskill training course, “Empowerment Training” for female entertainment workers.

We host a weekly Facebook live show, “Women’s Voice” to reach out, connect, educate, and provide assistance for female entertainment workers.

We provide job hunting assistance for those who are seeking for alternative job options.

Butterfly Program

Our Butterfly team visits clients’ homes and schools to assess their living environments and mobilize support from their families and instructors.

We provide vocational training/academic scholarships through the Butterfly Program. We’ve provided tuition, food packages, and school materials to support their studies and living.

Counseling services, a Bible study group, and life skill training classes are available for the clients in the program.

Butterfly Home is available for young clients who need safe accommodations while they go through the program.

The Butterfly team will keep in touch and follow up with the Butterfly clients one year after they finish our program. We facilitate internship opportunities, provide job hunting assistance, and other services as needed.

Business Program

This program allows us to provide and support women through business grant for those who are seeking to start their own business after attend in vocational training.

To learn more about how you can involve with our organization please visit and contact us at:

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