Shelley Franz
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Now is the time to “Go and Make Disciples!”

During my second year of ministry school in 2021 I realized that I had a desire to go to the nations and share the Gospel of Jesus. I first stepped out and went on two missions trips to Egypt. Their hunger for an authentic experience with the Living God was incredible. I was able to preach and share with people the love of Jesus and His salvation for us. This made me long to go into the nations even more. So I decided to spend the summer of 2022 backpacking, serving with various ministries and praying all across Europe. I could see a hunger within the European people for Jesus and His love and heart for the lost in all of Europe.

I now have the honor of serving and volunteering with a ministry in Germany. I am part of the team of Awakening Church and Awakening School of Ministry. Awakening School of Ministry is training up 100+ students to be bold in sharing the Gospel of Jesus and making a difference in the lives around them. The passion that every student has for sharing the gospel is amazing. Teams are send out weekly to the local villages and cities to share the gospel of Jesus, pray for people, and help those in need.

I get to bring my training and skill sets in the audio industry to bring top quality audio to large scale events and various training sessions. Mentoring and training up interns to be able to provide a quality sound experience also.

As a part of the local Church team I get to work with the expanding production team. We serve a passionate local community who loves to encounter Jesus in Worship and Praise. Our weekly gatherings are filled with amazing encounters with God and the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In order to step into a life of living in Germany I am taking German language courses. Being able to speak the language of the land is important. I live in Eimeldingen which is just a few miles from the boarder of Switzerland and France.

It is such an honor to be called to serve this beautiful community of people. Every week hearts are changed because of the love of Jesus Christ and powerful discoveries of a God who loves us. As a language student and missionary I am fully reliant on the amazing support from people such as yourselves. Please consider partnering with me either monthly or with a one-time donation to walk in this journey that God has invited me to walk on. I fully believe you will be blessed for sowing into this amazing work that God is doing in the hearts of the people in Germany and all across Europe.

Shelley Franz

Highlights and Updates:

There are many wonderful stories (testimonies) of amazing lives changed and the power of receiving salvation through Jesus’ work on the cross. One such testimony is of a gentleman who was passionately seeking truth in all forms of spirituality and then one Saturday night he reaching out to a friend told this friend that he needed to go to church with them. He didn’t know why but just that he must. That was the Sunday he encountered a loving God and a Savior in Jesus. Another was a young man who had chosen to live anything but the life of a Christian, as he had grown up as. He was full of depression and hatred. His loving family never gave up on him and were in constant prayer. One Sunday he decided to join the family and come to our church. It was baptism Sunday and in the midst of the baptisms he encountered the Love of Jesus and on the spot sought forgiveness and went to the pastor to ask to be baptized. Today he is so full of joy and the depression has gone from his life.

There are so many more testimonies of how God is reaching the hearts and lives of the wonderful people here in this region.
We had an amazing Easter week with a deeply touching Good Friday service. Then on the Saturday there was a children’s outreach at the local park with a children’s play depicting palm Sunday (including a real donkey!! A big hit with all the kids.) There was also the crucifixion and resurrection played out by the kids. The children were amazing and many people from the local community came out to enjoy the play and a BBQ.

I personally have been so amazed with God’s work in my personal life here in Germany. I have been blessed with an amazing apartment close to the church. I have received all my furnishings from some amazing members of the church community here in Eimeldingen. I have also just received my visa to continue living here while I study the language. It was miraculous, mainly because it came quickly and with out any hassle. I have heard from many who have gone through this process and had months of delays. In my German class I have developed several friendships. They have been noticing how I have such a joy in my life and this has opened up the opportunity for me to share why. The main question I get from many of them is “why as an American would I chose to come here.” When I tell them I am a missionary they don’t quite grasp what I am saying so I just show them by how I live my life with them. Daily carrying the Joy of the Lord.