Solomon Haile
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Solomon Haile is the director of All for Christ Ministries, an Ethiopian Government approved non-profit organization.  This ministry serves homeless children with a daily feeding program; oversees university students with discipleship, Bible study and counseling; trains frontline evangelical pastors serving the Lord in some of the remotest locations in Ethiopia, and provides opportunity for Bible commentaries to be written in Amharic and distributed.

Solomon is a native Ethiopian.  He and his family live and serve there.  In 2008 he began overseeing a program that provides one meal a day to a group of approximately 50 children who either are homeless, parentless or without adequate parental support.  The children live along a polluted stream in a “no man’s land” squatting on government land without any sanitary facilities.  This program provides the only link to adequate food for the children, who range from age 2 to 14.

Solomon has a special affinity to university students, and has made them a part of his ministry for many years, has he himself found the Lord through student ministry.  He leads Bible Study classes, disciples and encourages the students to put legs to their faith by serving others.

In the past, Solomon has served as an overseer to front line missionary pastors serving in remote regions of Ethiopia on behalf of the association of evangelical churches in Ethiopia.  In 2015, he will begin a new pastoral training program to pastors ministering in remote regions where other religions are dominant.   Along with the training he will be exploring possible opportunities where mercy ministry could be established in these same locales to serve as the hands and feet of the Lord in practical ways.  He welcomes prayer support as he sets out into these new challenging territories.

Solomon loves to study God’s Word.  He has found that the average Ethiopian evangelical Christian has no access to materials to help them grow in their faith through Bible study.  Therefore, he has set an ambitious goal to write a commentary on the book of Romans in Amharic (one of the main languages spoken in Ethiopia) and then publish it making it available to believers.  He is incorporating his own thoughts along with the valuable insights of other commentators.  Solomon finds writing to be enjoyable and is excited about the prospect for it impacting both new and established believers.

Solomon is not salaried.  He supports himself and family through the charitable contributions designated on his behalf through All for Christ Ministries.