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A Simple “Yes,” Changes Everything

Based With One Voice Student Missions (2013-Current)

Knowing how purposelessly empty life without Christ is, I have been marked with a resolute passion to say “Yes!” to love and serve wherever God asks me to go. Since 2012, when I gave my life back to Jesus, I set out on my journey to follow Him. Over the last several years, I’ve had the privilege to serve as a missionary with One Voice Student Missions. I have served in several areas, some of which include: working with our One Voice financial donors team, going into various Jesus Club high school campuses, hosting bible studies for women across the nation, leading and overseeing our communication channels, as well as posting daily prayers and preaching content using the TikTok platform the Lord has given me, totaling 19k. I’ve also had the honor of touring a handful of states with our GenZ for Jesus team reaching middle school and high school students with the gospel, as well as helping orchestrate logistics and planning for these tours.

MISSION & VISION One Voice Student Missions is a non-profit ministry that exists to see youth saved, discipled, and sent. We have reached students in public high schools for the last decade through our Jesus Club program and have trained churches and faith groups all over America. In 2020 we transitioned into digital missions as many schools began to shut down and have relocated our base to Dallas Texas based on the leading of the Lord. The results that followed blew us away. God is not done with this generation. GenZ wants Jesus!

DIGITAL MISSIONS As part of One Voice Student Missions, one of our main avenues where we reach students with the gospel is through TikTok and other social platforms. The Jesus Club Movement is building a team of collaborators to join us in creating daily content and live broadcasts that reach youth on social media with the gospel. GenZ For Jesus is an initiative of One Voice to mobilize and empower the voice of the next generation in prayer, fasting, and Gospel proclamation. The Well is a call for all women to awaken to intimacy unto advocacy believing for a great awakening in the nations.

EVERY VIEW IS A SOUL As missionaries at One Voice Student Missions we are all devoted to reach youth across our personal platforms. Hundreds of thousands of people world wide are being impacted by Jesus through the content I get to post daily on my personal TikTok account as well as The Well and the Jesus Club TikTok accounts. I’ve seen hundreds of comments and testimonies of how the Lord is healing and moving in His sons and daughters – comments from “wow, this video was for me” to “my headache went away when you prayed!” to “God set me free from anxiety!” Social media can many times be seen through a negative light, especially TikTok, but I get to see Gods faithfulness, His love, reaching ones who wouldn’t have been reached if it wasn’t through a social.


In Fall 2021, we launched our very own Jesus Clubs App where students worldwide can access information in how to start a club in their own school.  Along with our app, Jesus Clubs has a nationwide text line where students can message us at any point in time with questions about the Bible, questions about following Jesus, desires to launch a Jesus Club in their local middle/high school, how to read the Bible, share testimonies of God’s faithfulness, and more. Given the thousands of messages we receive, I get to connect and respond to the questions and curiosity the Lord is bringing to them.

STAY CONNECTED Stay connected with me! I would be honored if you would join this adventure with Me! What a joy it is to see Jesus reach a generation!