Sydnie Roberts
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Hi friends, it’s Sydnie! Welcome to my donation site!

Thank you for stopping by my page to donate and partner with me in prayer! I am super excited to continue on the path the Lord has made for me. My heart burns for those who know Jesus but have yet to have a personal encounter with Him, along with those in need of healing! I grew up in church circles my whole life, but it wasn’t until 2022 that I had a personal encounter with God and was able to fully recognize Him as Lord of my life. I learned the true heart of the Father and fell in love with Jesus and His people, and that’s exactly what I want to share with the rest of the world. I’m seeing God heal and deliver, people receiving freedom, and many that are coming home to Him. I get the special privilege to watch God’s children being discipled and seeing their lives completely change right in front of me!

How am I going about this?

Right now I am currently on team at Ellel Ministries USA. Ellel Ministries is a non-denominational international Christian ministry that was founded in the North West of England in 1986. Ellel seeks to serve the Body of Christ in two ways: by offering practical biblical teaching and prayer ministry to those in need of healing and by training and equipping people to become more effective in helping others.

At Ellel USA, (along with other Ellel centers across the world) we offer a 10-month discipleship school called “Explore” where students are taken through biblically-based discipleship principles that enable them to be transformed through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and thus be equipped to share the message of hope and healing with others. 

Ellel was founded on the scriptural principles of Jesus’ model in Luke 9:11:

“Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God, and healed those who were sick.”

So our heart is to:

• Welcome all people with God’s love and compassion and without judgement or condemnation.

• Teach biblically based discipleship principles that enable people to be transformed through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and equip them to share the message of hope and healing with others.

• Heal those who are facing struggles in life; emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually, with a certain knowledge that no person is outside of God’s reach for restoration.

For my role specifically, I will be serving in the Church Relations and Marketing departments. I’m particularly excited because this allows me to build relationships with not only the local churches in Florida, but also churches across the nation! Additionally, I’ll be assisting the Marketing team by creating media and print content for the ministry. I love how even with my path being redirected from the corporate world into full-time ministry, the Lord has still allowed me to be able to use my degree in Public Relationsjust now for His glory! :)

As a part of Ellel USA’s full-time ministry team, I need to raise $800 in monthly support to help support my salary. Since only my basic living expenses are covered and I receive no income from the ministry, I am in the process of raising the funds for this year and I cannot do this on my own. 

It is an honor to serve Him. May the Lamb receive the reward of His sufferings!
Come Lord Jesus!

Thank you so much for your generosity,



Sydnie Roberts