Bill + Amanda Batterson
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Meet The Batterson Tribe

We’ve been doing ministry overseas since 2013. We’ve lived in three different countries but home is currently on the South Coast of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. We are partnering with First Love International to bring HOPE to the rural areas of South Africa through education, mentorship and discipleship.


We endeavor to live an authentic life that testifies to the freedom offered in Jesus, to serve with all we have, to love with all we are, and give with all we have been given. Our desire is to be a catalyst of transformation in our host country. We aim to leave a legacy that has empowered nationals and to see lives changed through the love, grace, hope and freedom found in a relationship with the Father.

Meet our Tribe!

Learn how + where we became a tribe, see where we’ve been and what we’re up to now!

Meet First Love!

Learn about the ministry we’re partnering with – their vision, values and more.
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What does partnership mean?

Partnership means something different to everyone – here’s how we define it!
Most importantly, partnership is us working together toward a common goal (to see the Kingdom manifest here on earth!). As such, we see three main roles that we each have in this partnership.

Our Roles:
– We are your ‘hands and feet’ in South Africa. This is your ministry now too!
– We will communicate regularly with you with newsletters to keep you posted!
– We will be praying for you regularly – if there’s anything specific you ever need agreement with, please don’t hesitate to ask!
Your Roles:
– We trust you to be our hands and feet here in the states – helping us reach new people with the ministry opportunity in South Africa by connecting us to individuals, families, groups or churches you know may be interested in what we do.
– We also hope and trust that you would pray for us regularly – we’ll often put specific prayer needs in our newsletters.
– We appreciate your financial contribution. Doing ministry isn’t free, and since we don’t get paid a salary, we rely on contributions like yours to live!
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