Zachary Meerkreebs
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Zach Meerkreebs’ goal is to be the most grateful guy you’ve ever met…primarily because of His salvation and Jesus’ generosity to include Him in His mission! Along with his thankfulness for partnering in God’s mission, Zach is thankful for the opportunity to be married to Kristin and dad to Eden, Esther, and Mercy.

Zach has been a college pastor, missionary, church planter, and spiritual leadership director for a denomination but in February his life changed. Zach had the gift of speaking at Asbury University chapel in February 2023 and ever since, following a sweet 16 days in Hughes auditorium, he has been traveling to campuses, churches, and countries to talk about being prepared for an Outpouring leading to renewal. 

Your partnership will allow Zach and his family to respond to requests and pursue that ministry as they are convicted to do so as a team. The Meerkreebs are so humbled, grateful, and sober minded about this next season and so appreciate your generosity.

Zachary Meerkreebs

In February 2023, Zach had the honor of a lifetime to preach at an “ordinary and unremarkable” chapel service that launched sixteen days of unending prayer and worship, teaching and evangelism, and much more. Ever since the Asbury Outpouring (learn more here transitioned from campus on February 23rd, God has been moving in powerful ways all over the American campus, among churches, within networks, and around the globe. We have tried to respond faithfully by traveling and speaking, writing, and being present on Asbury’s campus since.

Zach and Kristin have begun creating teams to discern and hold them accountable and a team of other stewards from Asbury has gathered regularly to pray, share stories, strategize, and listen together. The Meerkreebs are grateful for their community…

We are GRATEFUL for YOUR partnership as we continue to respond and steward to the best of our ability!