Tiffany Correll
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“Tiffany Correll, is a God loving woman”. I could sit and worship the Lord 24/7. I have had an intimate relationship with the Lord most of my life; I love spending my days seeking after His word and heart. I have had a calling to labor for God most of my life working in the Great Commission. I see His beauty and creation about me every day, and that leaves me sharing more of Him to the people around me. Since I was a child I have been involved in the churches. I have been involved with street evangelism, worship, administrative work, and many aspects of teaching Gods word. I am an ordained minister and as such am a priest in the house of the Lord standing in intercession. The Lord has spoken to me in several ways and confirmed it many times. The path is made clear: I am to give myself fully to the intercessory call to praying for the nations. Starting in 2020, I will be launching out to the missions base in Missouri as a full-time missionary. I will be working out of the International House of Prayer (IHOPKC) doing missionary work with my husband. We are both thrilled about the calling God has put on us. I have lived in Indiana most of my life, so I am excited to see what the Lord is going to do in our hearts and in the hearts of the people around us.

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Freshmen year IHOPU! It has been an incredible year. I have run into what I am strong in, and into where I am the weak. Both things had to bring me to a place where I pressed into the Lord Jesus Christ. I have learned what it was like to rely on Him as my refuge, my comfort, and my strength. I have played music, sang songs, written songs,  played on a team and played by myself. I have made really good friends, and made partners. All of which have sparked the love of the Lord inside me. The greatest thing that happened to me this year was spending it with the great I Am.  I dived deep into the word of God , learned how to do comprehensive Bible studies.  I have also learned how much we need Jesus.  So when people ask me “do you regret taking a year off?”  the answer is “no.” It was not a waste, it was the best decision I ever made. Now I am so excited that the Lord has invited me into full-time ministry.