Tom and Rhoda Wilhoit
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We’ve had the joy of being involved in ministry leadership together for over thirty-five years. Twenty-seven of those years were full time in the Sarasota, Florida area as Youth Pastors, Assoc. Pastors, and Sr. Pastors. It’s been our joy to serve the church and community through teachings, leadership trainings, creative arts, pastoral care, outreaches, and missions. In 2021 we entered a new season as we started our own ministry called “Salt & Light”. Jesus called Christians to be like salt and light in Matthew 5:13-16, to make a difference in this dark world. We want to do all we can to love God, love people, and to see them restored and empowered by the Holy Spirit! We minister using the teachings on our YouTube channel, our discipleship materials, speaking engagements, and doing outreach and mission projects with local churches. If we can help your ministry in any way please email us at or visit our website at to fill out the contact form there. May God bless you as you follow Him!


Our Channel is full of Biblical messages, testimonies, leadership training, outreaches, and book studies. Each message is focused on sharing the truth of the Gospel in a loving way.

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We really appreciate your prayers for our family and ministry for we can do nothing without prayer! Prayer is what paves the way for transformation. It allows space for the Spirit of God to move in extraordinary and supernatural ways. It is an essential ingredient to accomplish the Great Commission, to see signs, wonders and miracles! As we continue to do the work of the ministry and build ministry support, we are also doing our part to fund the ministry in various ways. If God puts it on your heart to help support us financially, we thank you for that blessing! We have partnered with a 501(c)(3) organization called “Modern Day Missions” which provides financial accountability for us and ensures that all contributions to our ministry, through this organization, are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. If you’d like to make a tax deductible gift to our ministry please fill out the information below. If you’d rather send a check, email us at for more information on how to do this. Thanks again and God bless you!