Victoria Osborne
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I know many of us want to encourage and support this generation to impact the world for Jesus. Maybe you are one of them. We all tend to support people we know, love, and trust…justified by what they are doing. Some of us support missions and evangelism, simply because we believe Jesus is worthy! Whatever the case, I welcome your financial and prayer support. Thanks in advance for your partnership!
I’m Victoria! In Jan. 2020 I left my career as a Nurse and sold everything I owned to step into full-time  ministry/ evangelism. In the past 2 years I have attended trainng to be equipped in mass crusade evangelism and then was deployed to the nations. I have seen over 500,000 people give their life to Jesus and firmly believe the Lord is just getting started.My life’s mandate is to be so consumed by the love of Jesus that by the overflow of that, something may be imparted into the life’s of the people I meet.  I want to see the gospel taken around the world and continually say “yes” to all the Lord asks of me. Doing so is not possible without my amazing ministry partners who partner with me financially and in prayer.What’s happening is bigger than just me, it takes us coming together to fund the gospel. My most average ministry gift is $35/month and I would be so honored to have you join me!


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taking the gospel to the Nations

Here are just a few ways you have been sowing into the harvest!

As excited as I am, the truth is none of this would be possible without your support. I am fully convicted that if there was ever a time to preach the gospel it is NOW. I want to invite you to be apart of this amazing opportunity and ask you one very important question:  Would you partner with me in taking the gospel to the nations?

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Thank you for your Partnership.

I am also believing for 50 monthly partners at an average of $50-75/mo. Would you prayerfully consider asking the Lord what He would have you to do to be a part of my journey? Thank you so much for anything you choose to give as together we go out into the harvest.

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