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My Journey as a Missionary with One Voice Student Missions started in 2018 after finishing bible college. God called me to the youth of America. My heart is to reach my 15 year old self that is searching and longing for purpose and love which I found when I was 15.  Jesus found me in a broken home with a broken family. He completely delivered my Dad from alcoholism and reconciled his and mom relationship which led to them getting married. I also gave my life to Jesus through my dad bringing me to my churches youth group. After one Wednesday night I had encountered the love of Jesus and left giving my life to him. Years later, I was introduced to The Jesus Clubs book written by our amazing leader Brian Barcelona and after reading the book I was left in complete tears. The Lord showed me what was possible for the youth of America and the world which is seeing students in public schools experience revival. The Lord spoke to me after reading the book that “revival is going to take place” to which I knew he was talking about the public high schools of America. We are seeing it become a reality. One Voice Student Missions is training thousands of students to go into their schools and proclaim The Gospel to their friends, peers, and teachers. Students are getting saved, healed, and turning from their old lives and choosing to follow Jesus.

I want to Gen Z experience what I experienced in high school. There are too many teens graduating high school not knowing Jesus and I believe what One Voice is doing in high schools and Gen Z is going to reach youth not only in America but globally.We are only getting started!




One Voice exists to see students SAVED, DISCIPLED, AND SENT!

Every Student. Every Campus. Every Nation. One Voice Student Missions exists to see students transformed by the good news of Jesus, empowered to walk out His lifestyle, and commissioned to impact all spheres of society.

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I have the amazing opportunity to be apart of our ministry school called Activate. Activate is an initiative of One Voice that disciples and trains young adults to not only be commissioned to full time ministry but to be a life long follower of Jesus. They spend 6 months with us, get integrated in missional community, get trained in the Bible, discover their gifting, and take everything they learn and take it back to where God has called them. I’m apart of the discipleship aspect of the school and pouring into the young men that join the school as well as mobilizing the school and inviting other students to join. I believe discipleship is so essential in our generation and it is the life line to our journey with Jesus.

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