Trey Packard
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MY STORYReaching every high school student one video at a time.

My Journey as a Missionary with One Voice Student Missions started in 2018 after finishing bible college. I am called to reach youth in our nationand the nations because there was a time when I was teenager trying to find purpose, love, and life in all the wrong places untilI encountered the love of Jesus in my life. I didn’t grow up knowing who Jesus was or ever stepped forth in a church until I was 15 years old but when Dad got delivered from years of alcoholism, drugs, and gangs. He invited me to church and eventually I began attending youth group every Wednesdaynight which led to me accepting Jesus into my heart. It wasn’t a message that my youth pastor preached that something clicked in my mind to whereI had a revelation that I desperately need Jesus but it was my Youth Pastor being present in my life and the new friends God gave me at youth thatwere hungry for Jesus that led me to wanting to be apart of that family. Teenagers specifically Gen Z is hungry to for someone to be there for themwhen life doesn’t make sense. I want to Gen Z experience what I experienced in high school. There are too many teens graduating high school not knowing Jesus and I believe what One Voice is doing in the digital space and in high schools is going to be reach youth not only in America but globally.We are only getting started!

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One Voice exists to see students SAVED, DISCIPLED, AND SENT!

Every Student. Every Campus. Every Nation. One Voice Student Missions exists to see students transformed by the good news of Jesus, empowered to walk out His lifestyle, and commissioned to impact all spheres of society.

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As the videographer of One Voice Student Missions, I oversee and manage the video side of the ministry and communicate what God is doing digitally and in high schools visually.  A mentor once told me that revival starts when we begin to tell our stories of moves of God in our lives so I am telling a story through creating all of our video content for our social pages. I work alongside our Creative Team to push forward the message of reaching young people through the digital space. 




                                 JESUS CLUBS DIGIATAL MISSIONS!
As part of the One Voice Student Missions Creative Team, I am also a full-time Digital Missionary with the Jesus Club Team creating content on Tik tok, Instagram, and other platforms. We create daily Bible-based videos touching on subjects like Hearing the Voice of God, Depression, Prayer, and cultivating a strong relationship with God. I have seen teens on a Tik Tok live getting encountered by The Holy Spirit and others giving their lives to Jesus! 

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