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Welcome to my Modern Day support page!

My name is Vanessa LaRiza and I am a missionary with an organization called Mission SOS Inc. I am currently a full-time missionary living among the Maasai People in the beautiful hills of rural Kilgoris, Kenya. Together with a great team, I am pioneering an apostolic base with the goal of training and equipping young Africa to Live the Book of Acts and planting churches among the unreached. I serve the base doing administrative work for SOS Church Kilgoris and Mission SOS Bible School Kilgoris.

I have a house church that meets once a week where I get to know the women in my community and I spend my days walking the local markets and visiting my favorite mamas fruit stands. One of my favorite things to do in Kilgoris is to get fresh pressed juice from a local shop and talk about Jesus with the people who come in while we sip our ginger lime juice! I have had the honor of seeing God move in the miraculous across Africa, and the Adventure is just getting started!Thank you for partnering with me, but ultimately with what God is doing in Africa! Lets do this together!

For all People

To all nations

The Book of acts in Kilgoris and to the ends of the earth

When culture is restored, a people group is redeemed. We must celebrate diverse Africa! Today I sat with four Maasai women, we asked questions and told stories. I have so much to learn and gain from the Maasai culture. They are so rich in community, friendship and love for each other! I shared about Jesus and prayed baptism in the Holy Spirit with them. After they asked questions about when and how they can start baptizing their friends, and honestly- that’s what it is all about! The great commission is for every believer “go and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the father, of the son, and of the Holy Spirit.”. Sharing the gospel is not a box to be checked or a single mission to be accomplished- it is a lifestyle. Loving a people group is a lifelong commitment for every believer. The women we met with today are single, widowed, or divorced and rely so much on the community around them Let’s learn to love deeper, celebrate culture, and always be ready to sit with no agenda and just enjoy good conversations. My friend here is a botanist and has the most beautiful garden! (And if you are wondering what the truest form of love is, it’s Jesus laying his life down for the world-so if you want to love others well, share the blood of Jesus )

1995 was the first time @johannesamritzer came to Kilgoris Kenya. He preached the matchless gospel of Jesus; the unreached Masai people received salvation and were baptized. Fast forward to year 2021, and @aliciaamritzerromo and I get to baptize the children of Johannes’s first disciples. First photo: Johannes baptizing Samwel, second photo: us baptizing Samwels  daughter, Faith. When Samwel heard that his daughter was getting baptized he ran and got this photo! When the gospel is preached family legacies are changed. Walking in the calling of Matthew 28:19-20, making disciples and baptizing them. There is no greater calling, purpose, or lifestyle!

My hope is that culture is celebrated at every table and that the flavors tasted honor the ones who have dished it before me. Learning how to cook in Africa is a dream come true. If you want to learn from and love a people, learn to love their food!