Vickie Holmes
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Ministry Overview

Vickie ministers to individuals in obedience to Matthew 10:8. She is fulfilling the vision that the Lord laid on her heart to see His people enter into the freedom that Jesus paid for—body, soul, and spirit—through an integrated approach of prayer, prophetic encouragement, biblical counseling, deliverance, inner healing, intercession, discipleship/teaching, and nutritional education.



Vickie has an M.A. in pastoral ministry from Global Awakening Theological Seminary and an M.Ed. in counseling from the University of North Texas. She received intercessory training from International House of Prayer- Fire in the Night Internship and prophetic training from Lambs of Living Fire, where she currently oversees the healing area and serves on prophetic teams. She has a deliverance practitioner certification through Global Awakening College of Ministry, has trained with Vision Life Ministries, and she is a member of ISDM (International Society of Deliverance Ministers). She is currently training with Revelation Gateway Ministries.  Vickie is a school counselor, a certified health and wellness coach (NBC-HWC)  and is board certified in holistic nutrition (BCHN).  In addition to serving with Lambs of Living Fire, Vickie is an online prayer volunteer with Global Awakening, volunteers with Vision Life and Upper Room Dallas ministry teams, and teaches prophetic art/collage to small groups.


Praise Reports


Whether Biblical counseling, deliverance, inner healing, or prayer, all glory goes to the Lord. Below are some of the things that He has done.

“I was in severe pain and depressed one day when Vickie and her friend prayed for me. I felt the pain slowly leave my body and even my mind cleared up. I literally felt like the sun had somehow gotten brighter. I had a renewed desire to get better and to enjoy life again. God began showing me that he is still a healer. He is still alive and cares for our being.”

S.K., Sunnyvale, Texas

“My daughter had a severe food allergy for over a year. Initially, she could not eat certain fruits, then it became all fruits. Then, she began reacting to vegetables and finally to nuts as well. She would feel her throat constricting even with one bite of these foods. In fact, she couldn’t even stay in the same room if pineapples or lemons were being cut. Vickie prayed over her and told her that she should not speak negatively about herself anymore. God instantaneously healed our daughter. She is able to eat anything and everything now. All praise to Almighty God! Thank you Vickie for always being available for prayer. May God bless you.”

Matthew, Sunnyvale, Texas


“My deliverance experience w/ Vickie was one of the most challenging and MOST rewarding in my life. I had no idea I was so spiritually numb and dehydrated until I was willing to allow the process of exposing what was in my heart. The cares of the world and partnership with the lies of the enemy caused doubt and unbelief. Through the deliverance journey, my heart was softened and awakened. I now serve the Lord with joy and gladness. There is nothing like freedom in Christ! Whom the Son sets free is free indeed.”

AJ, Dunvanville, Texas


“This deliverance session was Holy Spirit led. I am very appreciative that Vickie is so transparent and allowed God to show His love for me through her. I had some deep rooted issues pulled up and honestly, I had some trepidation of really addressing these issues. I was able to be transparent and there was absolutely no judgment-only concern for my well being and removing the lies I had believed basically all my life. I never felt rushed at any time, especially telling my story, which was very cathartic in itself. I also left with the tools I can refer to when the need arises. This was such a thorough deliverance. I truly feel everything that needed to be addressed was addressed. No stone was left unturned! I am so appreciative of that!”

V. Harvey, Dallas, TX


“I knew I was in need of 1-on-1 ONGOING therapy, counseling, and inner healing, after having sought deliverance and healing through MANY methods. Sozo. Coaching. Counseling. Courts of Heaven sessions. Fasting. Prayer. Books. Courses… You name it, I’ve done it! Freedom in Christ is something I desire to walk and LIVE in, yet it seemed like all of these great methods just scratched the surface of the freedom I couldn’t fully claim. I had YEARS of toxic church/religious experiences, and stinking thinking (along with generational curses) that clouded my beliefs, and actions. This perhaps has even helped contribute significantly to the physical and emotional health challenges that had plagued me for years. Like a spiritual EXCAVATOR (wrapped in a sweet, petite frame), Vickie helped me uproot the SOURCE of many of these beliefs and behaviors. It wasn’t a quick process. Yet, she did it was such GRACE, KINDNESS, and the PURE LOVE of Christ, that I never felt ashamed or even rushed. She frequently reminded me that she was willing to continue guiding me through this deliverance process, regardless of how long it took. About halfway through our sessions, Vickie sensed I was having some pain in my back. We prayed about it and she asked me to stand up and see if I still had any pain. I WAS HEALED, y’all! Although in the past, there were seasons where back pain would come and leave, THIS TIME, I haven’t had ANY back spasms or lingering soreness since this session! Vickie has equipped me with LIFELONG spiritual weapons to combat ANY attack of the enemy. She didn’t just give me a fish in the form of a “boom-pow” prayer. The DEPTH in the form of time, energy, prayer, AND LOVE, has TAUGHT me how to FISH for FREEDOM.And for THIS, I’m ETERNALLY grateful!”

T. Woods, Pennsylvania, USA


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*At this time, comprehensive sessions are booked until Fall 2025 for integrated biblical counseling/deliverance. Please use the below biblical counseling/deliverance link to schedule an initial consultation session to reserve a space in August 2025 and/or use the link to schedule a consultation for informational and directional purposes. Schedule a small group Prophetic Collage event by emailing          

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