When I travel for work, I typically purchase a rental car, but on a recent trip to Cincinnati I decided that I was going to Uber instead. 

As I had prepared for the trip, the Lord placed a strong conviction on my heart for the Uber rides I was going to have. I just knew God had something special in-store. 

As many of you know, Uber is a modern version of a taxi service. Getting an Uber ride is a great opportunity to strike up conversation with the driver. Obviously, some drivers are more introverted than others, but I usually try to be intentional and get to know them regardless. It’s also a great opportunity to speak life over the driver and share Jesus with them if the opportunity presents itself. 

And with that, I would have never imagined the ripple effect that was about to take place.

After landing at the Cincinnati airport, I made my way over to the designated Rideshare to meet my Uber driver. When he pulled up, I quickly noticed that he was a different ethnicity and was most likely from Asia. 

Shortly after getting settled in his vehicle, I struck up a conversation with him and learned that he was from India. He was a very nice man and we were having a great conversation. He eventually asked what I did for work, which was my open door to share about my role in missions and most importantly, Jesus! 

As I was sharing these things with him, the Holy Spirit brought Ravi Zacharias to my mind. Ravi is one of the leading teachers and apologists in Christianity.

I asked if he had ever heard of Ravi and he quickly replied with a no. At this time, we were pulling into my hotel. I told the driver that if he was interested, I could give him Ravi’s name and website so that he could look him up. He turned around to me and said, “yes, please do. I would really like to read and listen to his teachings.” I then gave him the information and saw him on his way.  

Here is where the story really gets crazy. Remember I mentioned the ripple effect? 

You see, when we walk with God, obey Him and plant seeds, there is always a ripple or multiplied effect. 

A week later, I was on stage at my home church doing the announcements portion of the service. As I walked on stage to close out the worship set, the Lord told me to share the “Uber story” with the congregation as a source of encouragement.

I obeyed.

What I didn’t know was that there was a family in the audience from India who had just moved to town. They were looking for a home church. A couple weeks later, I learned that this couple decided to make our church their home in part because of the story I shared. Amazing! 

Obeying the Lord by sharing Jesus with Uber Driver played a role in a family choosing to make our church their own! And to top it off, not only is that family attending our church, but they are serving the body of Christ and flourishing. 

I love how God supernaturally works when we obey the leading of the Holy Spirit. God is weaving together everyone’s story and he uses people to make it happen.

So next time God is calling you to step out and encourage someone, know that there is a larger puzzle being put together. You will be so glad and fulfilled that you did! There is nothing like the feeling of obeying the Lord and helping others. It truly is living!! 

By: Marvin Slaton, Modern Day Director

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