The Boy With Dreams

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May I tell you a little story? Trust me, you’ll want to read this.

It’ll move your heart and stir up your faith!

Jesse, the street kid, loved and seen by God:

was 14 years old when he lost his dad and now, a year later hasn’t seen or heard from his mom in months due to her drug addiction. He wanders the streets of the big city of Nairobi, Kenya to beg for money and then heads back to the slums late at night to get some rest. 

While I was in Nairobi, Kenya the Lord led Jesse to us. 

My friend and ministry partner, Ashleigh and I wandered into the city with our Kenyan friend, David. Our goal was to find a phone charger. What was supposed to be a 20-minute trip turned into a 2 hour trip full of glory and Jesus! 

Nairobi, Kenya is the home of 3.1 million people, so you’re always rubbing shoulders with someone (literally and figuratively). As we walked into the store I noticed a homeless woman with a baby sitting on the side of a busy road. 

I immediately heard the Lord say to buy the woman and her baby a blanket. I told Ashleigh and David, and before you know it, we’re buying her food, toiletries and some other miscellaneous items. It was fun! But I heard the Lord say “You’re not going to give it to the woman you expect to give it to.” It was surprising but I knew we’d find someone else. 

We walked outside with all of our little gifts and sure enough, the woman was gone. 

We decided to ask the Lord what direction to go because we knew we wanted to give the gifts to a woman with a baby. We heard the Lord say “Right”. We took a few steps and we were met by a homeless woman with a baby strapped to her. She approached us like she knew we were coming. I casually said “This is for you!” and handed her the bag of goodies. She smiled and gave us handshakes and as she turned we saw that she had another baby strapped to her back! Twins! It was such a pleasant surprise. We got to pray with her and tell her about Jesus. Her English was limited (which is actually hard to come by since most everyone is fluent in Nairobi) but praise God for David who spoke Swahili!

You’re probably wondering “What about Jesse? When does he come into the story?”

Remember I said this was a glory night? More good stuff happened before we could meet Jesse.

After the woman walked away we noticed a man sitting on the ground, he was missing a leg and we thought “Might as well make more friends!” So, we started to pray for him and get to know him. As we prayed and talked, 2 teen boys (one being Jesse) passed by and put some changes into the man’s cup. 

They returned with questions for us. 

“Who are you?”

“Why are you here?” 

“Can you help me?”

As we got to know Jesse and his friend we learned that they were both from the slums and Jesse recently had to drop out of school because he couldn’t afford it. But we also learned that although their situation was terrible they still had faith that God was going to do something miraculous for them.

Stick with me, I promise it gets better.

As talked more with Jesse and his friend, our hearts broke. I’ll never forget Jesse’s words:

“People forget that I’m human and that I have feelings. I have goals and things that I want to do with my life.”

Even though he knew his circumstances were rough he believed the Lord would do something. This boy’s faith in God is unmatched.

Ashleigh and I felt helpless as we left him. We were only going to be in Nairobi for about 24 more hours. We wanted to help him but neither of us had money to give him, so we left him with David’s contact info and promised that even when we’re back in America we would try to help him.

Long story short, the ministry David works for got into contact with Jesse and went to his home. They confirmed that in fact, all of the information he had given us was true and that he was an honest 15-year-old and not a kid trying to cheat us out of our money.

With the help of Ufungamano House, the ministry David works with, Ashleigh and I were able to get Jesse to school and starting this January he will be out of the slums and attending a boarding school!

We were are so blessed to be able to support Jesse but it is a lot more expensive than we thought it would be and as a missionary every dollar counts! 

So my question to you, faithful believers- can we make this a team effort? Would you pray about supporting Jesse with Ashleigh and I?

Both Ashleigh and I will each be paying $43 a month.

$43 a month to get a 15 year old boy out of the slums.

$43 a month for Jesse to have 3 meals a day.

$43 a month for a Christian education.

$43 a month for bed to call his own.

$43 a month to help Jesse achieve his dreams! 

If you can’t give $43 a month, any amount is appreciated!

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By: Angel Mabuni

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