It never ceases to amaze me how prospective field workers find out about Modern Day. We don’t do any traditional advertising, so people tend to find out about us in one of two ways: word of mouth from other missionaries on the field and from our partnerships with churches and other missionary organizations. As a result, Modern Day now has 400 field workers serving in 54 countries!

Years ago, we came up with the mission statement: “Modern Day exists to build bridges between those who are called to go into all the world and those who are called to send them.” Modern Day has grown because our bridge building (partnerships) are prospering! In fact, five categories of partnerships account for 337 of our 400 field workers (someone can be listed in more than one category). Let me break that down.

The Local Church. All Modern Day staff members are deeply committed to a local church. Since 2000, I have been a member of the same church. A few years back, my church (Shady Grove Church) merged with Gateway Church (Robert Morris). Gateway asked if Modern Day would process the funds for last Shady Grove Mission Conference. Today, most of those missionaries still use Modern Day to process some or all of their funds. In addition, churches like the Upper Room Dallas and Beltway Church (Abilene, TX), use Modern Day to process their funds. Altogether, Modern Day serves 124 field workers in which their local church is their primary or secondary covering.

International Ministries and Foreign Field Workers. Modern Day allows indigenous ministries and foreign nationals and pastors to have a U.S. based organization to raise support. Altogether, Modern Day serves 83 field workers.

Youth With A Mission. Estimates are that YWAM has somewhere between 15,000 and 18,000 full time volunteers spread out in bases in most countries of the world! Every year, they send out about 25,000 young people in short-term missions trips. Each of their bases are independent having to come up with their own staffing solutions. We currently serve 69 YWAM’ers spread across over 20 bases making YWAM our single largest partner.

Lou Engle & Related Ministries. Back in 2013, the Lord supernaturally connected me with Lou Engle. As I was worshiping in one of his meetings, the question popped into my head, “ask Therese (his wife), if The Call has a CFO”. That led to me serving Lou Engle for the next five years as his CFO. Out of this relationship, many independent missionaries from ministries spawned by Lou’s efforts have used Modern Day. We currently serve 47 workers working with Contend and the Ekballo Houses of Prayer (Hawaii, Pasadena).

IHOP-KC and Houses of Prayer. As houses of prayer spread across America, Modern Day has become a place for intercessory missionaries to raise funds. In addition to our partnership with IHOP-KC (20 field workers), Modern Day services other budding houses of prayers across the country. In total, Modern Day serves 41 intercessory missionaries.

Stay tuned for an increase in partnerships as currently relationships are being formed that can take Modern Day to 500 field workers and beyond!

Thank you so much for your partnership in prayer and finances for our 400 field workers. Without you being on this side of the bridge cheering them on, they would have a difficult time staying on the field!

Elias Reyes

*** If you would like to become a financial partner with Modern Day, Click Here!

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  • Avatar Ted Bukowski says:

    You guys are awesome!!
    We thank God for you! You fill a gap for great people around the world that would otherwise have no access to a service like yours.
    Thank you for answering HIS call!!

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