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Mar 31, 2022 | Missions Articles

We wanted to take just a few minutes of your time and say, THANK YOU for your tremendous generosity towards Modern Day missionaries in and around the Ukraine. Since the conflict began, you have generously given over 500,000 dollars in donations to relief efforts and spreading the Gospel! With that said, we wanted to provide just a couple of brief updates below that way you are able to stay “in the know” with things that are happening on ground.

Unity in Chaos 

Many saw the war in Ukraine coming before the initial attacks. David Nitra and his family in the Czech Republic, along with their church, City Church CZ., began raising funds just before the war started, and praying about how they could help.  

When the war started, David and a few others loaded up a van with food and rove into Ukraine, to Ternopil. This is about 300 miles away from the capital city of Kiev, where many refugees were fleeing from, and 300 miles away from the Polish border. It is a safe halfway point that many refugees stop at. 

When David and his team saw how many people had fled to Ternopil and how backed up the transit system was, they knew they had to start driving people out of the country. They were able to raise $30,000 to buy several vans, filling them with food for the trip into Ukraine, and filling them with refugees on the way out.  

City Church CZ. Is partnering with over 13 denominations in Ternopil to care for the refugees. This conflict in Ukraine has erased denominational lines, and the church in Ukraine is seeing more unity and collaboration than ever! 


A Vision 

In 1995, God gave Mark and Rhonda Blessing a vision, showing them that they would have a big home and that it would become a safe haven and a place of refuge for the Jewish people. They bought a house in Lviv Ukraine, and for the following 27 years it became a place that people could come to rest, recharge and be encouraged. Hundreds of people came and went, but this was only half of the vision they had received. They still trusted that their home would eventually house Jewish people as well.  

Then one day a few months ago, they heard from the Lord again… 

“Get the house ready…It’s about to start.” 

Not knowing what “It” was or when it would start, they were obedient, and they began preparing their house to serve as many people as possible. Soon after that Russia attacked Ukraine, and thousands of refugees began fleeing from Kiev to the western cities, like Ternopil and Lviv. While these cities are safer than cities like Kiev, there have still been attacks on some of the military bases in these areas. The Blessings made their home available as a rest spot as refugees made their way from Kiev to neighboring countries. 

As the refugees began pouring in, Mark and Rhonda were pleasantly surprised to find that several of their guests were not only Jews, but Messianic Jews! One elderly Jewish couple that does not yet know Jesus is staying with them indefinitely. After 27 years, Gods full promise to the blessing family had finally come into fruition.  

Their home has been a safe place and a blessing not just for Jewish people, but hundreds of others. In the midst of war and chaos, visions are coming to pass, promises are being fulfilled, and God still proves Himself faithful! Thank you Mark and Rhonda Blessing for being faithful to follow Gods direction for over 27 years! 

Modern Day has been very active in helping many of our missionaries in and around the Ukraine raise funds for relief efforts. These missionaries are doing a great work and there has been a TREMENDOUS response from you, the donors! As a missionary community, let’s all continue to pray and do our part in support in whatever way the Lord leads. Please CLICK HERE if you would like to donate to different efforts that are happening with Modern Day missionaries. God bless you all!

By: Modern Day Staff


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