When Trust is Tested

Aug 31, 2021 | Missions Articles

“Trust in him at all times, you people;
pour out your hearts to him,
for God is our refuge.” – Psalm 62:8

Rationally, we can understand by reading verses like the one above that we should trust God. But the true nature of what we believe is revealed when trusting God is tough because of our circumstances.

Like most believers, my wife and I are constantly growing in trusting the Lord through our daily walk. We’ve had our fair share of trials, persecution, and hardships- also known as ‘trust-building exercises’ whereby we learn to depend wholly upon Him. But recently, these trials have hit home in a different way.

We moved to Nepal almost one year ago, shortly after getting married, and have dived head-first into working to end the red-light district here. On New Year’s Eve, we spent the night worshipping at a local church to usher in 2017 for Jesus. During this, God told my wife He had healed her endometriosis, and told me that He would give us our first child this year. Late in January, without any changes on our part, Haeli became pregnant. We were so thankful for this miracle and have spent the last 8 months in gratitude and anticipation.

A few months ago, about halfway into the pregnancy, we had to decide where to have the baby: Nepal or back home in America. Additionally, we had to apply and get the proper visas if we were going to stay here. We prayed and prayed and felt peace with both places, but we heard God tell us “If you want to learn more about me, then stay in Nepal and watch Me provide.”

So, we did. And through all the obstacles, He provided, and we got the visa to stay!

We have a high-quality hospital and doctor picked out, and our plan was to move nearby the clinic (in a different city) in a week or so. We haven’t had the finances to pay for the baby’s birth there ever since we had to pay for the visa, but we’ve seen God provide for what He promises, and we weren’t worried.


Then Haeli’s water broke.

I was worried. I was anxious. My trust was breaking down. We were a day’s travel away from the city where we planned to have the birth and we didn’t have a good plan B. Were we about to have this baby at a hospital we didn’t like with a doctor that wouldn’t even allow me in the room? Is there a trustworthy NICU here? Is our baby, okay? Our family isn’t here. What about all the things You told us, God? Where are You? This isn’t the plan.

We went to see a doctor in emergency that evening, who told us she couldn’t see any evidence of the water breaking but wasn’t sure. That wasn’t very reassuring. Through a rough night, we prayed and wrestled with what was going on. We were so confused and trying our best to hold onto what truths we had.

The next day we asked God for a miracle and then went to the clinic for our appointment, and right before walking in, we were phoned by an Australian midwife who lives in our city and was ready to provide advice and help. We never knew there were any foreign midwives living around us! Turns out that despite us witnessing the water break, there’s no medical evidence that the water broke, and everything is perfectly healthy with the baby! We really believe Jesus closed the membrane and restored the amniotic fluid! Then, later that day, God provided all the money we had used at the hospitals right back!

So, we were wrecked once again by just how trustworthy the Lord is. Just how good, how loving, and how generous He is. Even though we are here to share Jesus’ love with others, we learn more of it with each day and through each trial. He took care of us, just like He always has and always will.


By: Sydney & Haeli Johnson


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