Become a Missionary


How to Become a Missionary

Is God calling you to become a missionary by vocation? In other words, becoming a missionary would not only be a calling, but it would also be your job?

If you answered YES and your accountability structure around you (i.e. church, family, friends, mentors) have also recognized God calling you to become a missionary by vocation, then Modern Day Missions offers an opportunity for you to take that next step.


Modern Day Missions

Many people have a home church or organization they are affiliated with that does missions work, but that church or organization can’t or won’t give them non-profit status and process their funds.  What they really need is an organization to partner with that will provide them…

  • – A non-profit covering to raise funds through so their donors can receive tax-breaks.
  • – An online platform for them to raise financial support and process funds.
  • – Additional financial, administrative & marketing support. 

This is where a partnering organization, like Modern Day Missions can help you fulfill your missions vision.


What We offer

Giving Platform

  • Receive tax deductible donations through an IRS approved 501(c)3 organization.
  • A state of the art giving software that makes giving quick and simple for your donors.
  • Within our software your donors will be able to manage their donations and review their donations history.
  • With our real time donation feature, you can log in anytime to see your up to the minute donations and also review your donation history.
  • A unique giving link that you can utilize in your emails to raise support.
  • A daily digest donation feature that sends you an automated email with the giving details the day after a donation(s) is made to you.
  • The ability to have your donors pay the admin fee while making their donation.

Customizable Profile Page

  • Build your own profile page with a bio, pictures, videos and articles.

Administrative Support

    • We provide quality customer service with rapid response time to email inquiries.
    • We issue Year End Contribution Statements to your donors.
    • We provide monthly and mid-monthly financial reports listing each donation, whether it’s recurring or not and the donor contact information.

Marketing Services

  • We help create more awareness of your ministry through posting your writings (blogs/articles) and pictures on our website and social media platforms.

Since 2008, Modern Day Missions has partnered with more than 1100 missionaries in over 70 nations and helped them secure over $30 million in financial support.

How It Works

  1. Complete online application.
  2. Customize your profile page.
  3. Share your profile link.
  4. Start fundraising.

Have questions about becoming a missionary? View our FAQ page or send us a message below!