Modern Day Spotlight

Passover Miracle 2017

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Passover is a very special time for me as a Jewish believer in Jesus. It is special because I get to reenact the Exodus story and demonstrate visually through the…

Dirt on Potatoes

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I was recently sent by our pastor to the city of Puno, which sits high in the Andes on the shores of South America’s great Lake Titicaca. Unlike the Great…

20 Cedar Lane

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In a lifetime there are a handful of moments that are truly life changing. Some of these moments are more obvious. As a youth those moments can be your first…

Upper Room – Zagreb

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For 25 years, the Lord has gripped our hearts for Southeastern Europe, and in 2013, He opened the doors for us to move to Zagreb Croatia.Two years ago, we founded…

Latest Field Worker Updates

Charismatic Catholics – A Movement to Unify the Church

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Not often do I have the privilege of participating in events that will be written in history books as monumental game-changing moments of history. Today was such a day. My…

Gracious Evangelism

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Did Jesus use blunt language when He confronted people about the truth of the Gospel? Sometimes, but many Christians seem to think that He did this as His standard operating…

Treated Shamefully For The Gospel

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As documented in previous posts, there have been times when I have been insulted, mocked, even cursed as a result of my efforts to lovingly share the Gospel with people….

Taking ‘Good News’ To The Street

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Street evangelism (or “street preaching”) has not been a popular method for Christians to share the Gospel in the 21st Century. At the outset of the new millennium, few more…