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Prayer & Missions: One Movement to Touch the Ends of the Earth

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We live in one of the most exciting times in history. Before us is the possibility that within the next few years every nation will hear the Gospel of Christ….


In the Tent of a Refugee

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For many years now, the Middle East has been on my heart. Newer to my line of sight is the current refugee movement. I say refugee movement, rather than refugee…


I wish you were my daddy!

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¨I wish you were my daddy!¨ She nonchalantly said as she hugged Ronald goodbye. It  was a day like any other. We had known Jasmine and her family since she…


Missionary Internship – Gutierrez Family

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One of the most exciting thing about the mission field are all the real life stories. Stories of people coming to faith, children being rescued, communities experiencing supernatural heart healing…

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Recent Miracles in the Himalayas

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Some of our team members prayed for a ladies back in church and she felt less pain at first and waves going through her body. They prayed for her again…


Indiscriminate Evangelism

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With whom should Christians share the Gospel? A better rhetorical question is, With whom shouldn’t we share the Gospel? As far as God is concerned, His worshipers have permission to…

Inspiration Quotes

Inspirational Quotes from Legendary Missionaries

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Over the past year, Modern Day has been featuring inspirational quotes on our Facebook page from many great Christian leaders with an emphasis on men and women who have left…


Ripping Nets

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The Gospel story of Peter and the disciples scrambling as they’re boats were sinking and nets ripping because of the fish they had caught is one that I have read…