The story of Modern Day is a story of God’s heart for the nations. It’s a story about a man’s heart to empower missionaries with tools to succeed. It’s a story about a few guys coming together and dreaming together to see a vision become a reality.

In 2005, our founder, Elias Reyes, had already been involved in missions for over fifteen years. His business and financial experience coupled with his heart for the independent missionary drove him to explore new ideas and strategies in missions. In that same year, his close friend, Marvin Slaton, approached him with a prophetic vision he had while on a short-term trip in China. The vision was about the words Modern Day. The Lord said “it was time that the archaic world of missions be married to the Modern Day world of technology and advancement.”

From that point, Elias, Marvin, and two other friends, Nic Lesmeister and Ryan Young, began meeting together to pray and brainstorm about what the future would hold. It was in the 2006-2007 time frame that the Lord gave Elias the organizational model for how Modern Day Missions would operate. In the summer of 2008, he was sharing the vision of Modern Day with a friend, Jeff Bishop, when he was asked how much would it cost to set-up Modern Day. With Jeff’s donation, Modern Day Missions was on launched on July 2, 2008. Marvin became the first missionary to partner with Modern Day as he set out on a journey of missions work in China.

For the past 12 years, we have seen the faithfulness of God on display time and time again. We had no idea in 2008, that over a decade later, we would have partnered with over 800 missionaries in over 60 countries!! During that same time span we have processed over $20 Million for the Great Commission!!

The story of Modern Day is truly a story of meager beginnings, faithful stewardship and the mighty hand of God working miracles. We at Modern Day are so indebted to the Lord and the thousands of missionaries and donors that have turned our dream into a reality!! And for that, we say Thank You!!