I’m sure you have been tested in your faith lately with everything that’s been happening in the world. Many are confused, upset, hopeless and depressed. That’s where us as believers should shine the greatest! We give hope to the hopeless, freedom to the oppressed, and victory to those who are living as though they’ve been defeated! Many have even felt financial pressure and stress because they have gone without work for multiple weeks or months. We have seen the impact of this in the Philippines as millions are still without jobs.

Then the King will say to those on His right hand, ‘Come, you blessed of My Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world: for I was hungry and you gave Me food; I was thirsty and you gave Me drink; I was a stranger and you took Me in; I was naked and you clothed Me; I was sick and you visited Me; I was in prison and you came to Me.’ – Matthew 25:34-36

We have been partnering with the Philippine government and local officials to pack and distribute food to the community in our area the past 2 and a half months. We have received tremendous gratitude from the people in need. There are many families in desperate need of food, baby formula, hygiene and nutrients. Up to date we have packed 1,745 relief packages and have distributed 1,663. There’s an average of 5 people in each family. We estimate 8,315 people have been helped. We have about 15 staff currently on base helping with the packing and distribution. Every single one of these families have heard the gospel message and received ministry by our team. Many committed their lives to follow Jesus and quite a few people experienced healing in their bodies if they were sick. The story of Jesus with the Leper comes to mind when I see people suffering with sickness.

When He had come down from the mountain, great multitudes followed Him. And behold, a leper came and worshiped Him, saying, “Lord, if You are willing, You can make me clean.” Then Jesus put out His hand and touched him, saying, “I am willing; be cleansed.” Immediately his leprosy was cleansed.
- Matthew 8:1-3

There are a lot of people we have continued to follow up with in distributing Bibles and discipling them through the Word of God. We need communities, cities and nations to be transformed under the Lordship of Jesus! Though the devil comes in and tries to destroy people’s lives, Jesus came to bring life and life abundantly! 

Our community is slowly opening back up from the lockdown. The Government is trying to figure out how to open in different phases until things get back to normal again. Pray for us to carry God’s wisdom and leadership over the YWAM base and family!

By: Joshua Gillespie

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