Just Show Up!

Jul 1, 2022 | Missions Articles


From a young age, I can remember people in leadership over me instructing me to just “show up”. What they mean is that when we show up to places we are invited and to places the Lord is leading, we never know what the Lord might do. This rang true with the Impartation Breakfast, Elias Reyes (Modern Day president) and I were invited to in early June by Christ for all Nations (CFAN). Yes, Modern Day has been working with CFAN for the past year, and yes, we have gotten to know many of the evangelist missionaries, but we never expected what God had in store for this breakfast.

We “showed up” early on a Saturday morning for the VIP portion of the pre-breakfast and quickly were shaking hands with people in executive leadership of CFAN we had been in email and zoom relationships with previously. From there, we were ushered to the front and center table of the hotel ballroom. We did not think much of this as we were simply happy to have a great seat until a few minutes later, Daniel Kolenda (pictured above) the CFAN president sits down two seats away from us (seat is pictured above as well). He promptly starts shaking hands at the table and when he shakes our hands he says, “you guys are with Modern Day Missions, correct?” That kick started a great conversation about the partnership between CFAN, Modern Day and the 40 missionary evangelist CFAN has sent our way!

Blown away already and thoroughly enjoying a quality breakfast, we were taken back as the next hour unfolds and Modern Day Missions is highlighted from the stage by Daniel Kolenda himself and various others from the stage. We were pleasantly surprised and in borderline shock. We knew none of this was going to happen and had zero expectation other than being in worship, teaching and eating good food!

We are so thankful to CFAN, Daniel Kolenda and their team for their extreme generosity and right hand of fellowship they have extended to Modern Day. It’s a testament to how important partnerships in the Kingdom are and just how important it is to just “show up” to places you are invited to and lead to!!


Marvin Slaton – Modern Day Director


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