Aaron Ponce Chacon
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Piercing the Darkness of Cannibalism, Witchcraft, Poverty, and Aids with the Glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ

Aaron Ponce Chacon is a Chilean missionary evangelist, founder of Peace Carriers, and ordained
by Christ for All Nations, founded by Reinhard Bonnke. Aaron has a rich spiritual heritage. Three
prior generations of his family have taken the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ internationally.
In 2015, Aaron Ponce went to Uganda for the first time. While there, the Lord called him to
reach the poor, widowed, and unreached of this beautiful continent with the powerful message
of the Cross. For many years now, Aaron has traveled across the world (mostly in Africa)
preaching the Gospel, seeing thousands of decisions for Christ, and seeing multitudes healed by
Aaron Ponce is based in the district of Rakai, Uganda, where he leads the ministry Peace
Carriers. This district is well known for cannibalism, witchcraft, poverty, and aids. In this very
dark area, Aaron and his staff are training 250+ churches on how to disciple new believers and
equipping them on how to preach the Gospel effectively. The vision for Rakai is that the Gospel
must reach every single person (300,000 approx.) no matter how remote the area is.
Aaron Ponce founded a primary school, where there are more than 250 kids receiving food and
education every day. The idea is not to provide education only, but to raise hundreds of Spirit-
filled people, who will transform the region carrying the powerful Gospel of Jesus Christ. Right
now, Aaron and his team working on the vision of building a new school where more than 500
kids will receive education, food and spiritual formation every day.
Many Ugandans are afraid of going to Rakai because of its history, but we believe that in the
future when people hear the name of Rakai, they will think of a land of Revival.

Dear friends and partners in Christ, it is my greatest honor to give my whole life to the Lord,
preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the one and the multitudes, seeing them transformed
by this matchless message.
With your financial support, we will be able to:
– Build schools where hundreds of kids will be raised with a Bible in their hands,
education, food, clothes.
– Reach hundreds of thousands of people through evangelistic crusades. In these
crusades, multitudes are saved and healed by the Jesus!
– Equip churches on discipleship and how to preach the Gospel effectively.
– Feed the poor and the widow.

– Reach the unreached.


I pray that the Lord will meet every need you might have according to His glory!
It is my privilege and honor to be your coworker in Christ.

You and me are together in this glorious Harvest!