Aaron Tedeschi
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Hi! I am Aaron Tedeschi. I live in Dallas, Texas and serve with Braveheart ministries. Braveheart focuses on immersing people in the gospel – a revelation of Jesus Christ as Messiah, High Priest, and Bridegroom/Judge/King – and helps establish them in the faith, to grow into maturity, and to experience personal revival. We believe as people experience personal revival and spiritual growth that this will have a direct impact on their families and communities, resulting in corporate revival and spiritual growth – this is the power of the gospel. I have the honor of watching lives be changed through discipleship in this message. As one who is discipling, I spend my days submerged in the gospel and sharing it with others, walking with those who are hungry to follow and grow in the truth. In addition to discipling I act as an assistant to the founder of Braveheart, Peter Louis. I also serve at a church and prayer room in Dallas called Upperroom. In the prayer room I spend my time ministering to the heart of the Lord through prayer and worship, as well as interceding on behalf of all people, governments, and everything in between. We believe the presence of Jesus truly transforms all lives and atmospheres. With prayer rooms already established in Dallas, Denver, Frisco, and Delhi, our goal is to have several prayer rooms planted throughout the earth that spend their hours and days ministering to the heart of the Lord, knowing that it is his presence that transforms. I serve in the prayer room as a worshiper and intercessor.