Adrienne Arner Ferreira
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My husband, Wesley, and I are happy to be serving in the state of Alagoas, Brazil with Iris Global ministries. Wesley is a native Brazilian and a trained barber who has been a part of Iris Global in Fortaleza, Brazil and Shores of Grace in Recife, Brazil where we met. I am a former high school math teacher from the United States and have been serving as a volunteer with Shores of Grace in Recife since August of 2014. Since we were married in November 2018, we have committed to work with Iris Global Alagoas.

Alagoas is a state in the Northeast of Brazil. It is considered one of the poorest states in all of Brazil when it once was one of the richest. We are living and working in the sertão of Alagoas; which is the interior, rural, and desolate part of the state. The area is similar to the Midwest of the Untied States; many small communities, farms, isolated homes, and limited resources. Our mission is to bring the love and knowledge of our Heavenly Father to the people who have not yet been reached in this area. Building relationships with families; discipling the men, women, and children; spending time in worship and prayer; and sharing the Word of God.

God has already opened so many doors to us. If you would like to know more about our ministry follow our Facebook page Wesley + Adrienne. Also, follow the Iris Global Alagoas page on Facebook and on Instagram. We look forward to partnering with you in spreading God’s word to all the nations, tribes, and tongues.Feel free to contact us via the link buttons below.

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