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In 2021, our journey began with heartache. The pandemic and the loss of Gretchen’s father turned our lives upside down. Rejected from a country we called home, we lost everything we’d built as a young couple. During a layover, changing border restrictions forcibly separated us—me in New Zealand, my wife in the Philippines—just four months into our marriage. Desperate to reunite, we sought refuge in different countries but found no place to accept us both. After prayer and perseverance, the Middle East opened its borders. With empty bank accounts and no clear plans, we reunited there, feeling it was where we were meant to be.

In the Middle East, amidst uncertainties, God worked wonders. We led missions, partnered with churches, and started an Encounter Gathering, witnessing healing, forgiveness, and freedom. We began a ministry school, empowering students to embrace their identity and walk in the King’s power.

Taking a sabbatical in New Zealand, we sought God’s guidance. Despite world chaos, we’re certain of our path—returning to fulfill the mission Jesus called us to. Yet, we can’t do it alone.

Reflecting on the past years

One thing becomes evident: we didn’t navigate through 2021- 2023 alone. Whenever we followed God’s calling, we experienced moments where His timely blessings and protective covering were abundantly felt. Throughout this journey, we’ve embraced the Lord’s guidance, witnessing seasons of pioneering, establishing His kingdom powerfully, and moments of peaceful rest. 
We’ve been privileged to witness incredible moments—from helping rescuing girls out of the sex trade and witnessing their powerful encounters with Jesus, to supporting our newly converted brothers and sisters as they stand firm for Christ amidst trials. Hosting God’s presence has led to remarkable displays of healing, deliverance, and the overwhelming love of God. Every miraculous moment we’ve witnessed is the handiwork of our mighty Creator, and we feel deeply honored and blessed to be part of His wonders, impacting and showing His love to those around us. 

We are profoundly grateful for your prayers and contributions. The victories—souls saved, divine relationships formed, lives transformed by the redemptive love of the Father, and the Holy Spirit’s power—will resound throughout eternity. 

 Thank you for being part of this incredible journey with us. 


Below is a short video showing the incredible work the Lord has been doing in the Middle East and Asia. We pray that it inspires and encourages you as much as it has us. 



Middle East & Asia Video Update


Our mission is for the world to experience the beauty of Jesus, WILL YOU CONSIDER JOINING US MONTHLY IN STEWARDING GOD’S GIVEN ASSIGNMENT? Join us in taking steps in faith together to see God’s heart released.


Here are some specific areas where we need help financially :

  • Prayer for Jobs: We’re both seeking jobs that will serve as our cover for ministry while providing for our needs.
  • Monthly Living Expenses: Our living expenses including rent, utilities, food and other expenses total $1650. 
  • Ministry Expenses: These cover various costs like renting venues for gatherings, outreach supplies and other expenses related to our ministry work.





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Alexander & Gretchen Holder

That your way may be known on the Earth, Your salvation among all nations

(Psalm 62:7)