Amy Ligon
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Passionate about seeing people released into the full knowledge of their worth, I have traveled all around the world teaching and empowering people in their gifts and giving them the tools they need to complete their mission. I have given my life to seeking and cultivating an atmosphere of Encounter with the Lord because I am convinced wholeness and identity are found in the light of His beauty and knowing who He is.



My primary calling and mission is to help build and establish places of worship and prayer in as many nations as the Lord would allow me to. The Lord is worthy of 24/7 worship, His beauty and goodness demands it and He is looking for places, geographical locations to come and dwell, to make His resting place.  After serving and building a house of prayer for 13 years, I’ve learned that the only way for my own transformation and for the transformation of culture, you must first partner with the Lord in the place prayer. It’s from the place of prayer that the Lord has sent me to 14 nations.


When you look at His beauty and pray with His heart, my only choice became to say yes when He asked me to go. I’ve been to mostly closed or restricted access nations to first pray and worship but then suddenly my heart grew to embrace beautiful people and beautiful cultures. True discipleship and pastoral care are needed in the mission field, so I’ve taught and activated many workers in different tools and strategies to make their work easier and more effective! I have had this honor of encouraging and equipping many in these nations with an amazing missions organization called YWAM. I’ve been astounded by seeing direct answers to prayer in these nations. I also have a passion for orphans and special needs children, so I have had the pleasure of holding in my arms the most beautiful of babies and whispering in their ears truth and telling them they are loved. I’ve partnered with many streams of ministry and I so enjoy uniting and bridging them with worship and prayer.


Having been in full time ministry and missions going on 16 years, I have seen many plow forward to give their lives to the Lord because they have had an experience with His love. This passion and zeal propels them into a life of service and they soon find that they can’t ignore the life experience that has wounded their heart as well as how they experience themselves when they are experience their maturity gaps. I am seeing more and more the need to just stand with young leaders while they pursue the call of God on their lives and give them care and compassion as they also experience getting to know themselves and what they still need from a Father who so passionately cares more about their heart than He does their assignment on the earth.


While on my own journey of healing from all that life can bring and some pretty significant trauma, I found that God is a genius in how He designed our brains and our bodies. We are, like Him, a 3 part being. Body, Soul, and Spirit; these parts are meant to be in agreement with Him, as well as, fully integrated and working together. So often in life we deal with what’s on fire in front of us and we lack the ability to really live from our true self and from the place of wholeness and peace because the fire demands urgency and we are afraid of failure and rejection if we were to really live honestly and vulnerably in where we are in our journey. I have, for the last 2.5 years been educating myself and applying that knowledge to my life and ministry and am confident that God has more for us.

Worship with the Word

This is a very special project I did with my friend to support her ministry to women who have experienced domestic Violence. It’s a Cd of Scriptures about our identity in Christ, both read and sung. Let me know if you would like to purchase a copy.