Andrew Cox
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Andrew and Khaliah Cox are excited to serve as educators for Christ in Tyler, Texas. Andrew began serving at Christian Heritage School in Tyler in 2021. After getting married in May of 2022, the couple was planning for Khaliah to teach alongside Andrew at Christian Heritage School. Their plans changed however when in August, they discovered that Khaliah was expecting twins! This year, Andrew will be teaching 4th grade literature, Bible, math, grammar, composition, and spelling, while Khaliah focuses on being a mommy! They are most excited to be present with their daughters Aubrey and Adira, grow in unity in their marriage, go on fun outings, and for Andrew, to tend to his garden.

“We never saw ourselves serving full time as a missionaries,” says Andrew. “However, after touring the school and seeing what the Lord is doing, there was no denying where we needed to be. When you step foot onto the grounds at Christian Heritage School, you may as well be stepping foot into God’s kingdom itself.” Christian Heritage School was founded in 1980 by Jim and Barbara Kilkeny with the intent to serve the families of YWAM through education. The vision of Christian Heritage School is to serve families by teaching children to understand the Biblical principles of personal and civil liberty. The Principle Approach to Education uses the Bible as the foundation for which all school subject matter is based, reasoned with, and researched. CHS seeks to produce students who have both character and understanding to become the leaders of their homes, their churches, and their nations for the glory of God.  Presently, Christian Heritage School has faculty from around a dozen countries, including Canada, the US, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Madagascar, South Korea, Australia, China, and Japan. May the Lord Jesus return soon!

The Coxes would love to get connected with you to share more of their missional calling and to pray with you!