Ashit Sarker
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Praise the Lord! I was born and raised in a Catholic family. I was an average Christian. My wife was a devoted woman since her childhood. We got married in 2012. I worked in many nonprofit organization and also worked as a security guard.

In 2021 around the 3rd week of June our daughter got sick and I used to pray to holding my daughter on my chest crying. After a few days she was healed and I arranged a Thanksgiving prayer in my village home in the Catholic community. During the prayer I got the Calling. I heard God spoke to me. He called me to work for His kingdom. Immediately the prayer was ended I gathered the youths and shared my Calling from God. They agreed to worship God with me.

We started praising God the very next day. The way we praised God wasn’t like the way Catholics do. The local catechist informed their priest what God was doing through me. I was asked to stop. But I didn’t stop and every day we used to go to different households to praise and worship God. The youths were also threatened not to join with me if so then their privileges from the church would be stopped. They didn’t listen to them either. I preached the word of God there for exactly 40 days. On 41st day I had to leave my village due to the constant opposition from the priest, catechist and the community elders.

I moved to a northern Bangladesh district called Gaibandha with my family and there we started living in a Muslim house as my wife’s biological father was a Muslim. We started working with the tribal people there called Santal. By the grace of God a children and youth ministry developed there. We used to pray every evening in different households. During that period many other children, youth and women ministries developed all across the country. I used to visit southern and northern regions. When we celebrated Christmas with the tribals the Muslims got furious and they called an emergency meeting in their mosque as were still living in that house. We prayed continuously during that time and God saved us. But they compelled us to leave the house. We rented a house to a nearby Bazar. We continued our work with the tribal community. We celebrated different national days and days like Father’s Day and Mother’s Day and shared the gospel with them. We provided meals to them on different occasions. We also distributed clothes to children and traditional wears to women.

After exactly 1 year we moved to another northern Bangladesh district called Dinajpur. We are living here right now for more than a year. We were baptized in 2022 accepting Jesus as our savior through water baptism. Our ministry has developed in 4 northern Bangladesh districts and 2 southern Bangladesh districts. We are now working in 12 areas though we have so far ministered to more than thousands of people. Many people are coming to Christ.

We basically work among the coastal and tribal area people. In southern Bangladesh districts we work with the lower caste Hindu and untouched people groups like dalits and in northern Bangladesh districts we work with poor and disadvantaged tribals, Hindus and Buddhists. By the grace of God we have got a ministry and a church. We have some pastors, evangelists and teachers who have been working for our Lord through the children,youths and women ministries in the church. Many others are volunteering. We have also included a disabled children school where there are 125 children all of them are disabled. Some of them are physically handicapped, some are deaf and dumb and some them are intellectually disabled. There are 11 teachers, 5 support staff, 4 van puller, 1 night guard taking care of them including a manager.

God has given me some visions to build churches, hospital, orphanages/children homes and old homes. We are trusting God as He is the Jehovah Jireh who provides. We had to go through a lot of criticism and persecution but thank God He loves us as we have dedicated ourselves for His service. We are ready to sacrifice us for His glory. Amen 

Thank you so much for your prayers and support to our church and ministry. God bless you. 

Ashit Sarker

“Transforming Lives, Sharing Love: Our Ministry is a beacon of hope, dedicated to advancing the Kingdom of God. Embracing diversity, we preach the good news to tribal communities, unreached people groups, and coastal residents. Through ministries tailored for children, youths, and women, we empower and uplift, creating a positive impact. Join us on this journey of faith, where compassion meets action, and together, we illuminate lives with God’s love and grace.”