Asia Pybas
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Hey there! My name is Asia, and I am thrilled to be be a part of God’s mission in Scotland. I will be supporting a local church called Home Church and contextualizing the Gospel in this beautiful country.

Asia Pybas

Ever since I went on my first mission trip at the age of thirteen, I knew I wanted to participate in God’s work abroad. From that point on, I was involved in multiple trips, each one uncovering another layer of desire to be a part of God’s mission. I felt God ushering me to pursue that desire further and decided to go to Oral Roberts University to study this subject and earn a degree in Missions. Looking back, I can see His hand working and orchestrating every step that has led me to this point in my life. This is His calling for me, and that is made extremely evident in the way certain pieces have fallen in place.

I am thrilled to be invited into His mission and see His will be done in Scotland. I visited this country 5 years ago, and knew I would return. The trip remained close to my heart, and from that point on I have not stopped thinking about the people and His Church. Having the opportunity to partner with Home Church is a fulfillment of the passion God has instilled in my heart, and I recognize that this is His mission, not mine. I am excited to embark on this journey with Him!