Brianna Wickersham
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Joining Youth With A Mission and doing a Discipleship Training School was the most impactful decision of my life. I witnessed God doing miracles every day, in ways that made me feel like a real-life disciple. Through outreach programs, I had the privilege to share God’s love with people who had never heard about Jesus before. Seeing their eyes light up when they felt His presence truly ignited something inside of me. And through it all, I learned what it means to show radical love; the kind that goes beyond boundaries and has no limits. It wasn’t just about spreading knowledge or religious doctrine – it was about imparting truth onto others, without any judgement or reservations.

The DTS program taught me how to be selfless instead of selfish and presented several opportunities for personal growth while working alongside individuals from different backgrounds around the world. These experiences gave me insight into other cultures which ignited a passion within me to serve as an international missionary—a career path which soon became crystal clear for my future aspirations.

Through this intense course on faith, discipleship ,and ministry training at YWAM base, I discovered my calling—being a missionary in areas where people have not yet heard the gospel brings joy in my heart beyond compare! This incredible journey has been one full of transformational moments—God-shaped encounters that have challenged and strengthened me with each step along the way.Joining

Youth With A Mission was undoubtedly one of those decisions that changed my life forever—for good!

Wow, I can hardly believe what’s new since my first school in Youth With a Mission! Not only have I completed other schools such as School of Ministry Development and a School of Worship, but I’ve also discovered the powerful impact that worship can have on bringing revival to people. It’s amazing to know that YWAM is the largest mission sending platform in the world and now, being at University of Nations in Kona Hawaii doesn’t mean taking it easy. In fact, I’m staff for an incredible School of Worship where we are training others how true biblical worship looks like. Through partnering with this school, I am able to help bring forth God’s Kingdom through music and ministry. Recently, we led an outreach mission trip to Mazatlan Mexico where nearly 2,000 individuals gave their lives over to God! This has only reinforced my belief that worship is absolutely integral to seeing amazing things happen in our world today!