Caleb Cox
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Caleb CoxIn the summer of 2013 was a fresh college graduate with a Business degree from a small liberal-arts school in Southeast Tennessee. I remember pulling into a pot-holed Kansas City parking lot, the air filled with Midwest humidity. I was there because I felt God had told me to sign up for a frontier missions school. A lot of people thought I was a bit crazy, but I took a confidant gamble I had heard from God.

 Many years and too many addresses to count later, that gamble has paid off. A confidence has become a calling, and the dream has become a reality. The privilege of ministering to the lost has become my unlikely fixation, and the evangelization of the world has become a driving passion. Above and beyond everything else, a burning desire to know Jesus has become my dominant obsession.So what does this look like, practically? My ministry takes on three primary forms:


MissionsReaching the lost.I have the privilage of traveling throughout the year to some of the least-evangelized countries on earth for the purpose of advancing the kingdom in those places. Partnering with Jesus in these places is my joy!


Training Proclaiming the word. I am based out of YWAM Fire & Fragrance, Potchefstroom in South Africa. I am comitted to training and equipping local believers through the proclaimation of the word as we seek to see the word dwell richly in our midst! 



Living like Jesus.Whether in South Africa, Hawaii, or elsewhere, I seek to make disciples wherever I am. This can look like teaching internationally, or simply pouring into my local community. We must make discples wherever we are!


I invite you to continue to help me make known the excellencies of Christ in the nations of the earth as we labor together in faith, prayer, and financial partnership!



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