Carla Lind
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Carla grew up in the Midwest and met the Lord for the first time toward the end of high school. She went to the University of MN-Duluth eventually transferring to Bethany Lutheran College where the Lord began to stir her heart toward individuals who are wrestling with their sexual orientation and gender identity. Carla began to take the calling of the Lord to prayer and He increased her burden for them as she identified with their pain in the way that God identifies with their pain.
In 2014 the Lord prompted Carla to come to Pasadena, CA to join TheCall School, where she ended up being a part of TheCall Berkeley further fueling her longing to see many people walk in freedom and the fullness of God. After Berkeley the Lord, led her to go back to Pasadena to be part of a team and to stand in the gap. She has since then partnered with the launching of the Wailing Wall and is calling the church to be gripped with a burden for the salvation of individuals in the life-style.  Carla knows that it first begins with prayer, but she also is aware that there is a practical side of walking freedom out, and because of this she has worked as a Women’s Ministry Lead for LivingWaters and has worked much one on one with individuals using Transforming Hearts Ministries as a model. She has further used that model to allow healing to flow to individuals that carry all sorts of brokenness as well as to help families understand.Carla will be taking this calling and her skill set to work on the most southern tip of the United States: South Point, Hawaii starting in January. She will be working to help raise up the next generation of women to walk in maturity and identity as she helps to build a house of prayer at the Ekballo Discipleship school.Carla lives believing that families no matter how wounded can receive the restoration of Jesus Christ and walk in the fullness He intends them to walk in.  She further runs an online live prayer meeting and prays this daily: Jesus, I plead your blood over my sins and the sins of my nation. God, restore covenant and your image in America.