Carol Abreu
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I serve in Northeast Brazil in Pernambuco near the city of Recife with Shores of Grace ministry, we mainly work with the rescue of women and children from sex trafficking, bringing restoration and redemption to Brazilian individuals and families.
I mainly serve in a rescue home for 0-17 year old girls and 0-2 year old boys called vila bethania. Where we work with some cases of special needs and extreme cases of abuse. We work daily with children and adolescents who require extensive counseling, therapy and social services to help with the trauma they have suffered and transition to a foster home. I dream of a Brazil transformed by the revelation of Jesus’ love.
I am grateful to God for being a co-worker in the kingdom of God by loving and teaching these girls.
Among their activities we have a day of the week that we do discipleship where we share the word and interact with them, teaching about the gospel of jesus. It is gratifying to be a part of their growth and to see God restore their daughter identities.

I grew up in Rio de Janeiro, my walk with Jesus started when I was 17 years old since then I have never looked back. In 2013 I started taking steps towards missions and in 2014 I came to serve the Shores of Grace fully and my life changed completely. My calling is to look out and take care of those no one is looking at, Matthew 25:35-45.
whether dealing with children in crisis, serving women in prostitution or with people in communities. Taking more of Jesus into the dark places of society. I want to continue to witness the power of God, bringing freedom to captives. Luke 4:19

Until the eternity!