Chad & Amy Strobach
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Chad and Amy run a ministry, Hope Dies Last,  based in Budapest, Hungary.  Together with their committed and dynamic team, they serve through missions and media to counteract human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

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Chad and Amy are full-time missionaries under Youth With a Mission (YWAM) and they live in Budapest with their two young sons Ansel and Shepherd. Both Chad and Amy have media training and they use these skills to serve grassroots anti-trafficking ministries in Europe. Prior to moving to Hungary in 2014, they served in Germany for 5 years and it was there they were confronted with the reality of commercial sexual exploitation. 

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Human trafficking is a massive black market industry. Over the last decade, millions of people have been traded across country lines into what is called modern-day slavery. In Europe alone, hundreds of thousands of trafficked people are trapped in exploitative and brutal situations. We know this injustice exists because we’ve been to the brothels and safe houses. We’ve met the people involved, heard their stories and felt their desperation.   

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We are giving our lives to see people living in freedom and dignity.  Practically this includes giving professional-level media services to anti-trafficking organisations throughout the region, teaching and equipping churches and schools in how to get involved and serving in a local safe house.  In addition to this type of work, we are committed to taking the gospel to people in red-light districts across Europe through The Book of Love and face to face ministry. 

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In keeping with the foundational values of YWAM, Chad and Amy are called to depend upon God and His people for financial provision, both corporately and individually. As YWAMers they give themselves, their time and talents to God through the mission with no expectation of remuneration.  They are responsible to raise money for both their personal salary as well as for all their ministry expenses. Ministry site: www.hopedieslast.orgPersonal site: www.itsagoodplan.comContact: or +61491728134