Chase Cassillo
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Hey I’m Chase.

I live in Dallas, Texas.

Jesus met me in November 2018 when I was addicted to drugs, suicidal, hopelessly broken, and enslaved to destructive patterns of thinking and behavior. He showed me that He was real and that there was purpose for my life. He took me by the hand, out of captivity and towards healing, wholeness and family.

Jesus gave me purpose and that purpose is to know him intimately first and foremost. To be loved and known and experience the heart transformation that only comes from Him and His powerful presence.

Jesus has given me a heart for the broken-hearted in the church and for the lost sheep out in the world that are desperate for the Good Shepherd. This has led me to host gatherings that facilitate spirit led inner healing and deliverance. We bring the house of prayer out to the streets to minister to the lost and provide church to people who may never walk into a church building.

Jesus has marked me as a worshiper, pouring out oil in spirit and truth with praise and thanksgiving as He breaks through the atmospheres He leads us to. Worship is a lifestyle of relationship and obedience. Related to ministry, this looks like leading teams to the streets and different events to worship and intercede with music and dance.

Jesus leads me into scripture and reveals meaning through word definitions. He also gives me revelation through the original Greek and Hebrew. I love the way He fathers me and counsels me in our secret place time, without structure or deadlines, yet still with intentionality and discipline.

I do this because without Christ I have no satisfaction, no peace, no joy, and no freedom. I do this because I’m called to pick up my cross and follow Him—the one who saved me from despair and affliction and who continues to save me every day from the effects of sin and the wiles of the devil.

I do this even because there is no other way, no other peace, no other truth to find, and Jesus has lovingly reminded me of this every time I’ve been led astray by false doctrines and wisdom of the world.

My encouragement for anyone reading this is to trust in God with all you got. Once you’re His, you’re His forever, no matter what happens, no matter how you feel or what you did, or what the circumstances look like. Even if we are faithless He remains faithful for He cannot deny Himself. 2 Timothy 2:13