Choby Siau
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Choby Siau, a man whose life has been deeply transformed by an encounter with Jesus.  Once deeply involved in the world of triad gangs, Choby found himself facing death on numerous occasions.  In the midst of these multiple life and death situations, Choby called on Jesus to save him from death.  The power of God intervened and Choby was confronted by his newfound truth.  Choby’s life took an incredible turn.  Surrendering his life to Christ, Choby experienced divine healing and restoration.  After experiencing the hope that comes from Jesus, Choby’s desire is for others to encounter the Lord.  He has had the privilege to share the gospel in 15 countries, from nomadic people in Mongolia to prison cells in New York City. He has dedicated his life to sharing the life giving gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost as a full time missionary.