Christopher Mccord
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Christopher & Stephanie



For over a decade me and my wife have been serving in full-time ministry. This being my 5th year with One Voice Student Missions and Stephanie going on 11 years as we continue reaching high school students. Now, as newlyweds of nearly three months, we’re discovering the profound joy of serving together as a team. Our time here has been far better than we could have anticipated or imagined, and we have absolutely no doubt that God has called us here.  

Being here has been an incredible journey of faith and obedience that we have learned leaning on the Lord’s guidance. As we journey together, we’re experiencing firsthand the beauty of living out our faith daily. He has carried us both individually long before getting married through deep pain, healing and freedom in so many areas that we get to share with students and walk them through freedom. We sense His calling to intimately know Him, to share His truth with others, and to extend His love and service to everyone we encounter. Every day is an adventure as we walk hand in hand with the Lord allowing Him to reveal the depths of His love and the wonders of His purpose for us.  


One voice exists to see students saved through the good news of Jesus, discipled to walk out his lifestyle, and sent out to be his witness. Our vision is to see students transformed by the gospel and have a real relationship with Jesus, to empower them to walk out His lifestyle. Our mission is to see every student, every campus and every nation reached with the gospel. Me and my wife have the honor of staffing our 6 months Activate school, training Jesus Club student leaders, and equipping them through our zoom trainings to launch Jesus clubs on their high school campuses. Additionally, my wife serves on the leadership team and is the base director for the ministry. This year we will be helping plan/organize tours across different states and high schools. To date, over 1,900 students have been trained and committed to reach their schools, in 77 different countries. As we have seen students weep encountering Jesus, it has been such a joy and privilege to be a part of the team here and live out our calling in God. 

Our Thank You!

In order for our family to dedicate time and energy fulltime into God’s call, we have the privilege and responsibility of raising up a team of financial partners. Thank you all who have faithfully committed to the purposes of God and living beyond ourselves. Your support enables us to devote ourselves wholeheartedly to the mission entrusted to us. We recognize the significance of this decision & thank you for joining us.