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Hello! My name is Clark Robinson, Jr. and I served as the Pastor of Missions and Worship in the same church for 25 years – leading local, national, and international mission outreaches while serving alongside over 300 different people from various partner congregations. I have taken over 25 teams to Brazil (where I previously served as a missionary) to build chapels in needy communities, multiple teams to Jamaica to build houses for impoverished families, and teams to the Philippines for community outreach and service.

I am currently residing in the Philippines (San Ildefonso, Bulacan – two hours north of Manila) together with my wife, Julie, as independent missionaries and in January 2023 began an organization called Rising Light Ministries Philippines (“spending ourselves on behalf of the hungry and to satisfy the needs of the oppressed so that our light will rise in the darkness.”  – Isaiah 58:10). RLMP seeks to meet the extreme needs of the many severely impoverished and those unable to care for basic family necessities. We serve in partnership with Verlin and Grace Umerez who lead the San Ildefonso Christian Church. My work engages four sister churches in San Miguel, San Ildefonso, San Rafael, and Buhol na Mangga to reach out to those in need of Christ and in extreme physical poverty.

In 2023, we were able to serve over 20 families at various levels of need through this ministry thanks to your donations!


Latest Philippines Poverty Statistics

* 17.6 million Filipinos struggle to afford basic necessities

* 38 million Filipinos (34% of the population) report experiencing involuntary hunger

* 2.6 million Filipino families regularly pass one to several days without food.

* 95 Filipino children die every day of malnutrition

* 27 Filipino children out of 1000 do not live past their 5th birthday.

* 22% of Filipino children in ultra-poverty go to bed hungry at least once a week.

* 32% of Filipino children in ultra-poverty have had a sibling die.

* 10% of Filipino children in ultra-poverty are seriously ill at any time.

Think about 13 million people – most of them children – not knowing if they are going to eat today or not.


Verlin & Grace Umerez – Ministry Partners & Local Coordinators

Verlin and Grace have been leading the San Ildefonso Christian Church for the past 10 years in the neighborhood of Sapang Putol. They minister to those in their community as well as in the community of Buhol na Mangga – leading church services on the weekend and Bible studies most nights of the week in homes throughout the area.

As my ministry partners and local coordinators, Verlin and Grace will help screen, evaluate, and access the requests for assistance that come into the ministry and also provide accountability for all involved.


RLMP Ministry Process

(Note: RLMP assistance to individuals/families is intended as one-time or limited and not as ongoing aid.)


1). RLMP representatives and partner churches identify individuals and/or families who have extreme unmet needs including but not limited to food, shelter, and medical provisions.


2). A RLMP representative completes a comprehensive assistance questionnaire with the individual and/or family to assess needs and available resources possessed by the requestor.


3). RLMP then conducts a thorough vetting and evaluation of the information received to determine level of assistance.


4). After the process is complete, assistance based on need is offered and requestor completes a receipt of aid.




For more information or to sign up for newsletters, please contact me at You can also message me through my Rising Light Philippines Facebook page



Please use the donation page below for all bank card or credit card transactions. To send a check, please make it payable to “Modern Day Missions” with my name “Clark Robinson Jr” in the memo line and mail it to: Modern Day Missions, P.O. Box 535578, Grand Prairie, TX 75053-5578.


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Clark Robinson Jr

Thank you for your partnership in prayer and financial support! Together, we can meet these tangible needs of those who are hurting and take the Good News of Jesus to the Philippines!