Clovis Ferreira
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I’m a disciple of Jesus with a calling to obey and love Him. And this is my family, Daniel, Mateus and Joelma, my wife. After serving in many States of our country with planting churches, King’s Kids(a ministry of YWAM), and Evangelism  we left Brazil to follow our calling to proclaim the Truth of Jesus in Middle East. We served for many years the local church, refugees and whoever God put in our way in countries like Lebanon, Afghanistan and Iraq. We lived for five years in Kurdistan working among the Kurdish people. Our kids, growing up in the mission field, learned about different cultures and had their lives marked by the care of the Lord for them. A time came that the Lord guided us to came to U.S., something that we never thought about. God told us that it was time to invest more in the lives of our sons. August, 2018 we came to YWAM-Tyler. Now we’re serving in the DaySpring campus, my wife is one of the Christian Heritage School’s teachers and I have been helping with their soccer team. Our boys have grown in their relationship with God and made good friends at CHS. Our calling to work among the Muslim people is still the same for us. United States has been the home of many, and we have had the opportunity to connect with a group from Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. We hope to make more connections and be able to share God’s love for them.