Daniel & Tayhara
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If you know my wife and I, you know we are ALL IN when it comes to Jesus. A year ago the Lord led us to move from Florida to Orange County California when we received a scholarship to go to a Christian University and get our Master’s degree in leadership and ministry.  It’s been a beautiful year of learning and growing in our calling. In our one year of marriage we were introduced to the Circuit Riders through 21 projects, their two week leadership experience. We encountered the presence of God in a whole new way and we knew right away that we were called to run with this tribe as the next step in our walk with Jesus. CR is a grassroots missionary organization that stems from YYAM and has a vision to help reach the lost with the message of the Gospel. My wife and I felt so compelled by this vision that I decided to leave my 9-5 Job to become full time missionary with the Circuit Riders. We are burning to see revival in our generation and to leave a legacy that will impact generations to come. We are so excited to take the life changing message of Jesus as we go on campus TOURS, traditional mission trips and hands on experience while leading the CR school students as well. We are excited to see his hand at work and believe that He will provide during this time! We can’t wait to visit your region and spread revival through out your campuses and ministries! If you feel led to support as a monthly donor we would greatly appreciate it as you make this possible.  Keep us in your prayers as we step into a new level of obedience! Love, Daniel and Tay <3LET’S CHANGE THE WORLD!

                               SAVE THE LOST                            REVIVE THE SAVED                              TRAIN THEM ALL
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