Danny Karcha
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Hey there! I’m Danny Karcha, from the Pacific Northwest in Tacoma, Washington. I’m deeply passionate about discipleship and empowering others to grow in their faith journey. It is an honor to witness such a transformation not only in my life but also in seeing through others being impacted by the Holy Spirit and the Father’s love by recognizing the power of the gospel!

Growing up, most of the time, I used to be diagnosed with autism & underweight issues. I used to believe I was not qualified to do anything in life because I saw others better than me because of my circumstances. In 2018, I was at a teen bible school where my mom forced me to go, and I ended up receiving a supernatural encounter that led me to be healed from my sicknesses. My IQ used to be 73, but as of summer 2023, I increased to 123! The power of the Holy Spirit restored my communication and my health! And although I gave my life to God, I was never taken care of in regards to being disciplined after a few weeks.

Over time, I grew up lukewarm in the next few years and did not give my life entirely to God. I believed that as long I believed in Jesus, I’d be secure with Him in heaven, but my lifestyle did not represent Him.

Until 2021, as my life grew darker and darker. I had a significant encounter with the Lord that changed my perspective through a worship event. Despite being a Christian for some time since 2018, being water baptized, and doing things of the church, I realized I was only going through the motions as a lukewarm. I realized that I lived in a lie for so many years! My perspective shifted when I experienced a rekindling of my faith and a deeper understanding of who God truly is, according to the Bible. To see God as a loving Father who wants to have a deep relationship with me! This encounter led me to fully commit my entire to the gospel and surrender to His will in 2021, submitting to His lordship.

Since then, I’ve been on fire for spreading the gospel and witnessing the transformative power of God’s love in people’s lives. I have a passion for preaching, teaching, and transforming people with the power of the gospel! I’ve embarked on a theological and spiritual growth journey, immersing myself in scripture, attending ministry schools, participating in missions to India and Brazil, and many more missions to come! I’ve also written a book!

I’ve attended a primary ministry school called Kingdom Movement School of Ministry (KMSM) for over two years. In this school, I was restored, built, healed, and received abundant grace and His love that marked me for life! This school completely transformed my life and prepared me to follow God’s call as a son, according to Romans 8:15. It helped me to understand the Hebraic perspective of the Bible and Jesus beautifully!

I also have a heart for teens and my generation (Z) to know Jesus deeply and powerfully! In the summer of 2023, I was called to a teens’ program as a counselor right after my first year of ministry school. I voluntarily attended this teen school program in Florida for one month as a counselor, disciplining eight teens (see photo below) and many more who participated in this program!

Note: there are also a few photos below of my time in Brazil & India, ministering to people and group photos of my life; I wish I could add more, but I am only limited to six! If you want to see more, please visit my Instagram @dannykarcha

After that season, I felt called to attend another year of KMSM and an online Christian university called Faith International University to grow more in my giftings and call and pursue a degree in theology and ministry!

I love to learn, be relational, and develop solid biblical values that apply to everything in my life. I would use many tools, such as whiteboards, to study the Greek and Hebrew words from scripture and to be like Jesus in every area. Jesus is someone with whom you can have a deep, intimate relationship!

I desire to see the Church experience revival and reformation, aligning more closely with God’s original design of the church. By partnering, we can witness God’s mighty hand at work and cultivate more profound, meaningful relationships with Him. Join me on this adventure of faith and restoration! To bring the Kingdom of God on Earth and see sons and daughters impacted by the Holy Spirit!